Limited map pool bug back yet again


Details here: Limited map pool rotation bug back again (11/27)

It had been fixed quickly after the patch on 11/27, but as of today (12/1) it is back again.

It is the same four maps as last time in the link above, just in a different sequence.

Available maps in vs AI mode

I too have this bug, I have no idea how to report it other than posting on the forums (if this is the right place).

This is incredibly frustrating, I am so sick of Sky Temple, Warhead Junction and the spider map. The only other map I get is infernal shrine but that is still kind of fun.

It’s only these 4 maps after about 120 games. Something is definitely amiss here.

EDIT: Forgot to say I only get this in Vs. Ai mode. Every other mode is fine.


Yeah, you’re in the right place. Unfortunately, the QA team is quite busy right now with the experience changes up on the PTR, so I wouldn’t expect a fix for the map issue for a while. Hopefully they’ll get to it some time after the patch next week (they can fix it from the server side, I’m fairly certain).

We have had a Blue respond to this bug in the past, so they do acknowledge it and will fix it again when they get a chance. It’s just frustrating for all of us, as it began way back during the Hanamura rework and this is I think the sixth time it has reappeared.


Hi friends

Thanks for the reports and patience.

We do have an active thread and would appreciate consolidating discussion/report therin.