Li Li needs some changes ASAP

Her Q needs to become a point-and-click ability and heal much more to be fine among other healers.
Her W needs to heal more too because baseline Little Water Dragon heals pretty bad if you don’t take W talents on 4, 7 and 16 lvls.
Her E is fine imo.


Jug of 1,000 Cups ®

  • Healing per Jug reduced from 70 to 66

Her healing from ult doesn’t look good and I think the last nerf should be reverted. If it won’t be enough, Jo1000C should get more numbers.

Mistweaver (Level 20)

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Activate to heal nearby allied Heroes for 149 (+4% per level). Basic Attacks and Cloud Serpent attacks reduce the cooldown of Mistweaver by 1 second.

This talent is good on paper, but I think it should heal more. CD is fine, radius too, but numbers should be a bit high.

Eager Adventurer
Increase Fast Feet’s duration by 125% and increase Mana regeneration by 125% while Fast Feet is active.

I think Li Li’s baseline should be buffed a bit. This talent gives you 125%+ mana regen when a trait is active.
So, I suggest giving Li Li’s baseline trait 25%+ mana regen while active and if you take Eager Adventurer, mana regen increases to 125%+.

I want to play Li Li more, but she needs changes because skilled people can’t use her because she is so easy that your skill doesn’t matter at all.

Maybe it would be nice to buff her HP too, but it may make her a bit too tanky.


I think her W is a Cloud Serpent.

Cloud serpent is probably the worst basic ability in the game. Untalented it’s arguably not even worth the Mana to cast it. Miniscule healing, miniscule damage. It should make dive heroes more threatening but it does a pitiful 26 DPS. It has a total healing output over 8 seconds of 160, less than a single healing brew.


I wouldn’t make her Q require a point and click, as that would honestly be annoying (for me at least, as now we’re going to Ana levels of healing) but make The Good Stuff be a baseline quest (or just baseline) instead of a level 7 talent. Make it “Heal allies 50 times” or something, so it’s gonna be completed by the level 7 mark anyways.

I actually really like mistweaver. It is a nice heal if you’re super aggresive on her and I think it’s around 400 at level 20? You can make it like a 13-14sec cooldown by constantly engaging I believe. What if they made this obtainable earlier and not put on a heroic tier?

Think i remember the devs said they nerfed her so she would not be that powerful in low leagues as she was.

Devs probably got traumas from Cloud Serpent, as it was grossly overpowered at one point and made her an instant pick in Hero and Team League (bouncing attack since early game, bounced indefinitely if heroes were in range).

It’s time to get over that trauma and make CS better.

(Yes, Li Li has been considered too powerful - an absurd notion to think of in 2020).

Q working as it does is what defines Li Li. We can’t change that. I agree with everything else though. There’s no harm in buffing Li Li :slight_smile:

Eh, give a toggle to allow a lower range, and it’s all set.

Li Li can teach positioning, in regards of if you want go heal someone who isn’t the lowest HP.

And I do think that her W being auto-target is a good thing for the game as a whole.

Aside from that, I agree with the rest you say.

The Wind Serpent talent does make it insane, though. By pressing Q and then W at the same time, you can do over 300 damage to someone at level 1.

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a toggle for changing the range of Q would be interesting. I’m all for ideas that add decision making to Li Li, but not at the cost of just turning her into another point and click healer.

Yeah, I feel like a toggle would allow more skilled players to be able to better “aim” their heal in addition to their (presumably) better about to position to target a specific hero.

I alao recall someone with a Li Li buff/rework mentioning bringing “Let Go!” To baseline with no heal. I think this would also be a good idea given it would allow better players a very powerful tool (cleanse) which worse players wouldn’t be able to utilize as effectively.