Let's talk about the Random in ARAM

To everyone who says it is not random:

All three heroes are Random and All da people go Mid

You get random options. Because there would be a LOT of complaints if you didn’t even get the illusion of choice.


imgur .com/a/M9nBRIX

just aram things

yes, both teams got healers

tyrande was actually pretty good too

5x3 = 15 heroes per team
89 - Cho - Gall - Vikings - Abathur - Hammer - Leoric = 83

People draft the best team out of ~18% (15 * 100) / 83 of all available heroes with some enforced options (tank/heal spread is not random).

If that is random for you ok, for me it isn’t even close. If the lottery would be equally “random” I would play daily. Not speaking about the stupid endless stacking talents.

i miss seeing you in aram T_T