Leoric nerf needed

I am surprised that Leroic doesn’t get any nerf requests so let me be the first.

He is too OP obviously. He can out heal most damage , get away pretty easily / and does way too much damage especially to high hp targets. Little bit ridiculous - nerf stick incoming.

Listen I know bad Leroic players bring the average down on win rates and or what some people see and think “Hey Leoric sucks” and think that one game says it all. I have been playing against Leroic nearly every game because blizzard has it in their match making to make sure the enemy team has at least 1 or 2 hard counters to DW, and Leroic/Impreius are it. I get characters liek Tychus and I respect that, but other tanks killing DW that easily when my damage as DW is just straight up claws to face (obviously more to his kit). It forces Leorics to play with 1 maybe 2 talents that are mandatory to counter DW and Cho and they are nearly always chosen. Again, the DPS I am fine with killing DW with % dmg, but NOT with bruisers/tanks. Fine give Lero the damage but take away his HEALS or something, right now … . . . . . It is just stupid to play against.

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nerf leoric???


Not just Leoric, in general all heroes with an autosustain should be nerf.

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Summary: op is playing deathwing and wants leoric out of game for… reasons


Oh I have killed Leroic many times the ISSUE is the stats, for what he IS. (role)

Malthael, thrall, deathwing, and imp all have more dmg/self sustain depending on the situation.

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Leoric is a very powerful bruiser with a lot of raw numbers and a sick trait, but all of his actions are very slow.
I used to be pretty decent with him but something stopped clicking when I play him and all of my games are nearly an autoloss.

He does good damage and his sustain is nothing to scoff at, on top of that he has a versatile talent tree. Leoric can easily seem overpowered because he does assassin-tier damage when the enemy team is stacked with tanks and even if the enemy team focuses him down he can rez right in the middle of the fight with a vastly reduced death timer.
However, something somewhere just stops him from being godlike and it has to do with how sluggish and predictable all of his actions are.
Leo doesn’t have trouble repositioning with ghost walk, though it does leave him semi-vulnerable if used as an escape. He has great aoe damage and a decent slow, on top of sustain that borderline makes him a tank.
Yet it’s just not enough to singlehandedly win the game each time you play him. He’s very easy to react to, if Drain Hope misses you’re basically a fish out of water for the next 10 seconds. His slow attack speed and animation can also be an issue against more mobile targets.
These problems are alleviated with use of Entomb. Entomb is a wonderful ultimate that acts as psuedo-CC and it’s 20 upgrade is stupid good for just straight up winning fights. But it’s not exactly a mosh pit, people can just walk out of it if you’re not careful or otherwise get cc’d in the process.

The game attempts to match bruisers to bruisers.
It’s why queuing up in QM as Varian or Yrel can be extremely painful at times because the enemy team getting a Deathwing and a Rexxar while you have no healer and no maintank or additional bruisers is just not a very fun thing to frontline into.

Imperius is actually kind of manageable as he has no movespeed to stick to you outside of his Q and a talent later in the game, you just need to make sure you position in a way where your team can help peel for you.
DW is actually pretty terrible against most duelist heroes and you can only 1v1 after you get a number of talents. If you find yourself getting singled out repeatedly then maybe you should fix your positioning or utilize worldbreaker form more.

He is 100% dependent on landing his drain life tether. If he misses it, he’s worthless.


Oh no you don’t.

-First, Leoric is not a tank. That would be why he deals (slightly) more damage than a tank.

-Second, until he gets Lvl 13, he factually does nothing. You slow people once in a while and that’s it. You know he’s going to try to drain hope you, so position accordingly.

-Third, Leoric can heal once per teamfight with “Ossein renewal”. It gives him 30% health, and it’s over time so you can easily negate it.

-Fourth, if you feel he escapes easily and often, you must use your CC before he uses Ghost walk, or bait ghost walk. If you don’t, you’re giving him the opportunity to escape.

When you feel a hero is OP, the best thing to do is play him and see if you win a lot.

Leoric can build into high single target damage against high health targets. he doesn’t deal high AoE damage.

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Stacked with tanks
Spectral Leech effects all people you cleave.
He has multiple talents for aoe damage.

The Leoric problem is part of a bigger problem…rampant self healing. They need to tone down the heal/shield that has infected too many heroes.

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Good thing they just removed Tass’s Q. :^)


You’re talking about a LEVEL 20 heroic upgrade. Which means he spends the entire game with no aoe Damage. Plus the fact that pretty much no one picks March of the black King.

Which multiple talents are you referring to?

Bro spectral leech has been at 13 for quite a few updates now…

Spectral Leech (Level 13)

Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 2.5% of the Hero’s maximum Health and heal Leoric for twice that amount.

Explain how that talent affects multiple targets…

His aa is aoe 20 characters

2 hits out of 3 yes, but the enemy would have to line up for you. How often is your AA going to be in range of multiple enemy heroes?

You’re usually only going to hit the tank. Your enemies would have to be idiots to all walk up to you when they don’t have kill pressure.

OP is complaining about QM so I’m listing out a lot of stuff I tend to see in QM. Lots of games people tend to just clump up in those narrow paths around objectives and it’s really not hard to get 2-3 people in a swing.

I’m not here to give advice to a grand master about how to play the game, dude. I was just giving examples of why Leoric can tend to feel very powerful while in reality he has a number of weaknesses.
He doesn’t do mage-tier aoe damage but it’s very serviceable for a bruiser, which is what OP is complaining about.

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I don’t know. When I was a new player, it was the assassins I worried about.

When I pick Leoric in QM, it’s usually a crap shoot. I’m not good at grabbing merc camps, my early game is bad, and my team might not have anything to combo with Entomb (Or not be good enough to even if they do)

Leo is stronger in draft and weaker in QM normally. And pretty much all the ranged heroes can kite him. I can’t do a thing against Fenix for example.

It’s a coinflip. I’ve played a number of games as QM Leo against triple frontline where I can meme around with Spectral Leech + Mithril Mace, but that’s how queuing as melee in QM works.

It’s kind of vexxing how heavily this game banks on QM. I wish there were alternate matching methods or a return of real brawls.
I wouldn’t mind 5 assassin games if it was in brawl format.
That being said I’ve really been itching for 5 tank or 5 healer games, but you’ll never get that in QM.