Leaver's queue has become unplayable

2s after the match (ARAM) starts, at least one quits and you have a bot.

10 matches at least until you finally are able to win ONE match. And not because you are bad but because there are leaver’s in 90% of the matches!

The punishment makes sure that bots and people who troll every match don’t return that quickly. The problem is it’s hitting normal players way to hard and needs to be adjusted.

But no developers not changes. I don’t want to even know how many people have uninstalled because of this. If you have bad luck with your internet connection you need to win 4 of those games…

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As someone who has been in leaver que that is false. You always get one free pass to leave a game. If you end up with 4 game leaver que then you left too many games or keep playing with a bad internet connection instead of logging off and get it fixed.

You dont get 4 game leaver que out of the thin air just by leaving one game or have a connection failure.

But instead of fixing thier faulty internet they keep playing and then blame Blizzard they need to win 4 games.

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It rarely ever takes me more than one or two games to win an aram. Maybe if you are concerned with being unable to win aram games to clear your leaver status, try not to leave games.

I get leaver queue often since I dodge ranked matches often. Its not hard to get out of… so it doesn’t really feel like a punishment to me.

Leaver’s aren’t normal people. They left either because they D/C because of technical issues or quit on their own for some reason. These are some of the reasons I’ve heard of:

  1. I ordered food and wanted to eat it before it got cold
  2. My baby started crying
  3. I had to use the rr
  4. My dog threw up on the floor and I had to clean it so it wouldn’t stain
  5. My computer restarted
  6. My internet crapped out
  7. We aren’t going to win anyway

And the list can go on. None are valid reasons to not be punished by leaver’s queue. If you need to take care of your child, do so… but just because you put your child as a priority (as anyone should) doesn’t mean you should be free of leaver’s queue as punishment. If you value a game more than your own child… that speaks volumes.

The punishment isn’t even that severe, at least you can still play. Stop leaving games if you don’t want to be punished.

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I played with bad net connection and a weak pc for years and I never reached more than 2 leaver matches and even that was super rare and happened like once.

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I know master players that needed ~10 games to win 1. Spoiler, they tried to win. In EUW there are a lot of bots around that either disconnect once the match started or run it down. They are in leaver queue for a good reason, but because of them its super hard sometimes to find a way out - especially for solo players.

My experience may be different then. I personally don’t’ find it hard to get out of leaver’s queue, but if you do… then maybe the punishment is working as expected.

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There’s obviously some luck involved. It’s only a matter of time when the enemy side gets more lemons than you do. If you’re complaining that leavers queue might have more leavers, that’s kind of the point.

Considering how bad some of these players are, sometimes having a bot is preferred. I myself had a terrible string of matches, but eventually won after a terrible player left and got a bot that was much better and turned around the game.


When has it not?