Latency Issues/ Game freezing

For the past 2-3 weeks my latency has been spiking from 17ms to over 350ms. When it spikes the game freezes for 3-4 seconds. It happens multiple times per game and makes the game unplayable. I have followed latency issue directions and can provide mtr logs. I’ve also contact my ISP and they insist there are no issues. Please help. Thanks.

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Because they running on cheapers servers on the world somewhere in 3 world country :slight_smile:

Same here. I have to do delete game cache folder after a couple of games and it solves the issue. Unfortunately, I have to do this sooooo often :frowning:

Here is how to do that: Deleting the Cache Folder - Blizzard Support

Hope it helps a little.

If you have new 5G wifi router and your laptop is older for 2,4G wifi connections, then you have to change your laptop wifi connection to 2.4G connection. I did it and now i have no problem playing the game.

I have a wired connection, and I too, have experienced this. Often to the point that it either dcs constantly if I remain in game or freezes entirely if I tab out.

Blizzard players: “what the hell, Blizz?..why is this game dcing or refusing to load even on the fastest connections all the time??..”

Blizz developers:
“just wait…give it time, in time you’ll see that our top notch Bolivia dial up servers with blazin fast 56k modem technology from 1993 were the perfect solution!..for our budget, that is…”

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