Lag Spikes Issue Since New patch


Since the orphea patch I’ve been having lag spikes throughout my games at random times. Before the patch I could comfortably play a game without spikes and maybe stream a video at the same time, now I can barely play.


same problem here. now im just trying to fill the character limit so i can post that this guy isnt the only who has this issue.


ive tried to come back to this game with vrious hero releases and events and evry time my ping is so high that its just unplayable. came back to try out orphea only to find that nothing has changed. None of my other games have this issue. just Hots. its a steady200 ping with ping spikes in the thousands. Ridiculous


mine is the same it’s really starting to piss me off when all i want to do is play one game without fps drops or stutter or lag and i don’t know what to do. I’ve reinstalled the game and it’s still doing it, turning off the announcer didnt help either, just going through these random tasks that people have said helped.


run WinMTR while you are playing the game so it can pick up on the lag. then paste the results. make sure when you open WinMTR go into settings and uncheck ‘resolve names’ so that you can paste without trouble from the forum link filter.


Have the same(?) issue. 1-2s lag spikes every ~5-6s, and it will either happen all game including post-game MVP screen, or not at all. I can sometimes fix the issue by force-quitting the game and then rejoining.

Started about a month or so ago. I thought it was my internet’s fault, as my framerate doesn’t drop and mouse still moves fine. It behaves like network lag, but have confirmed that my internet is fine and it happens with no other games.

2017 iMac 5K, 4.2GHz i7 24GB RAM, 8192MB Radeon Pro 580.


same here, the game is unplayable since orphea patch, constant lagging
i have reinstalled the game several times and even windows
and every time when i try to change the display options to a lower level it crashes and doesn’t start anymore, because it states i dont have directX11…joke
i have no issues with other multiplayer games on my pc…


am also having lag spikes
i think this has something to do with activision demanding cost cuts