Lack of Ranked Rewards for Season 3 AND Lack of Communication From The HOTS Team

I was excited for this week’s patch. Deathwing. A new ranked season. Prep for a new Toys event. All good stuff.

This was overshadowed for me by a lack of rewards for Ranked Season 3 2019, and a lack of communication from Blizzard on this.

This is the last post I can find on this topic:

Was there anything else after this?

It feels to me like we were led to believe that there would be more in ranked Season 3, ESPECIALLY after the change to require 50 wins to qualify for end of season rewards.

This feels like a pretty big miss to me, and the fact that they’ve been silent on this feels worse.

Am I missing something here? I’m rarely on forums or Reddit, but I play HOTS most days. I know things have been… turbulent… for the game this last year, but this is about as bummed out as I’ve been as a Day One Heroes player. Silence on this just feels like a real lack of care for the active player base.

Did I miss communication on this, or has Blizzard really been silent on this throughout the last ranked season? After asking players to do more to qualify for rewards (win 50 ranked games), did they just “surprise” players with no end of season mount, a portrait that says “2020” on it, and less gold than we earn completing a few days worth of quests?


To be frank with you, the overall way last season was handle was very disappointing. The community deserves to be told upfront what the rewards are for completing the 50 game wins. I, myself, was 38 wins into 50. The past two weeks I felt a sense of urgency to complete these quests. Thats A. not an enjoyable way to feel towards a game and B. If I wouldve completed this quest, as i frantically felt, and didnt recieve even a mount … I would’ve been extremely disappointed. There needs to be transparency on the rewards. Im player level 1660 , the balance of recieving lootboxes, rerolling cuz duplicates and gold is so bad without stimpack.We deserve to be informed about specific rewards of the season AND us higher level players deserve better ways to receive more gold and loot boxes.


Phew, thank god i didn’t waste time doing it , didn’t miss a mount.
I guess is what we lost to have DW earlier, i accept it.
Hope they’ll take a look at the next season though.


I want to add, I shouldn’t have to have googled season 3 rewards as much as i did. If the team doesnt step up for the community, I really hope people stop playing. Not because the game, but because i feel we deserve a lot better. Please blizzard … Step up.


ranked rewards are bad for ranked imo.

People should be playing ranked because they want to play ranked. Not spamming games just to get the rewards.


I agree with you in part, but I wonder just how much the queue times would go up if they hadn’t added the gold carrot last season?

I too want to play quality games in League, but if some rewards keep the mode more active, it might be an okay trade off.


wtf u talking about… Ranked rewards are bad for ranked! LOL Its the best thing in a game at the end of the season getting the mount and reminds u the hard work


Never forgetti technolopes and rainbow horses!

Maybe a mount will be added on a later date to make up for it.
Since the devs were so busy with Deathwing, they basically dropped everything else to complete it.
I assume the ranked mount is usually made somewhere near the end of the season, but now no time was available to create it.

Atleast, I hope the above is true … I want my ranked mount :sob:

I see nothing wrong with people playing ranked having better things than the people who do not and not only more gold or xp per games.

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its not that hard to create a visual mount or just recolor of an old one…i dont believe that they dont us anythng this season…maybe next weeks we will get it

Im glad i stopped playing ranked. I love the game, but i hate how this game is run, and the lack of communication. Its as if these people take no pride in what they do.

I think he’s concerned that some people will just play ranked badly to get the rewards. I don’t really think it’s a worry now, people do that anyway. If end of season rewards encourage more people to queue up or give rank a try all the better.

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Well it can go both ways.
There are people ruinning 10 matches to get a reward but there also are people who do not like ranked that much coming for just 10 games with less stress and not performing that badly.
On the other hand people who do more ranked games admit not having done the 50 winning games because it seemed to overbearing.


While I don’t disagree with this, encouraging people to “win 50 games for rewards,” telling people you’ll communicate rewards later (which isn’t strange for the HOTS team. We’ve had lots of Ranked Seasons where rewards were communicated late or AFTER a season ended), and then NOT communicating OR offering meaningful rewards is where my frustrations are.

If ranked should be it’s own reward, that’s fine. But they should say that. I also don’t know why development time was spent on a “Seasonal Quest system” for ranked, if meaningful rewards wouldn’t be tied to it.

If you’ve been here for a while, you can see why HOTS players would believe ranked Season 3 2019 rewards would be different than they were.

I’d like to believe that also, but there are posts like this from HOTS QA: Seasonal quest rewards - win 50 games

Yes, I hope the HOTS team reconsiders what they’re going to do here. Mostly, I’m frustrated by the lack of communication on this topic during and after the season, and what seems like a lack of consideration for their most highly engaged players.


HotS have a rep for all things ranked and what direction it heads in. If you haven’t caught on yet, you will soon enough.

Your reasoning is fine, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It also would not have been such a huge problem if Blizzard were transparent about it. After completing the four stages of the seasonal quest, there was an indicator that YOU QUALIFY FOR END OF SEASON REWARDS ~

except in previous seasons you played 10 placement matches and got a reward, where as this time around, with average luck this would turn into a requirement of 100 games played. Are we crazy to have assumed the reward would be appropriate for the time invested?

Once you account for how much time that actually is, especially on lower populated servers, where you have to sit through queues, risk losing time over disconnects and draft cancellation. Factor in everything else like throwers, trolls and rude people. It just takes a toll.

Myself, I play a lot, and have a lot of spare time, still played less than 300 total games this whole season. Include a big number of AI games and brawls that last drastically shorter than an average ranked game, without accounting for queue and draft time.

Are you closer to understanding the disappointment of an average player that had drastically less time to play, or is unlucky enough not to live in US or EU?

What do you think will happen to ranked queues after this?


Totally agree, last time you played 10 games and got a unique mount. In Australia it’s hard to get ranked games. The 50 wins was tough but got it at around 85 games. I enjoyed it and was looking forward to getting something decent for completing that mile stone.
A lot of my mates couldn’t get it at the hours we play, I guess now jokes on me for trying. I enjoyed it though went up a rank this time but stopped playing it mostly because I was 1 loss away from going down a rank. Now I might just play for fun in off hours but won’t really feel that drive anymore so won’t play anywhere as much.
This to me was such a disappointment that I probably won’t try for next season… knowing my luck they will change it and give a mount. If they do that I hope they reward the people that did it this season if they don’t get it next season… Or at least mention what the rewards will be earlier.

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Which means you declare yourself a “higher level players”. How cute.

Also, if you had been actually a “higher level players”, then yes, you would have received more gold and loot boxes. And looking at that 38 wins for a whole season. Yeah, it’s clear how much of a “higher level players” you are.

Yikes, wishing for the game to fail because you believed you’re entitled to something.

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They runs out of ideas for ranked reward. All the animal and dinosaur kingdom are already available in the shop.

You will have to buy or roll them in chest with your hard earned gold.

honestly i’m glad that it requires you to “win” to get rewarded so people can’t mess around if they really wanted the rewards and that’s all they played for in ranked. but in same time i don’t like the fact i won 50 games and got rewarded with “gold” and a “portrait” but no mount