Key to winning?

What exactly is the Key to winning Storm League/ Hero league, when me and my friend did our placements i got Silver 3 he got Gold 1, and since then we’ve won like 2 and lost like 13, total 6wins (6-13) now im bronze 2 and hes gold 5 . Every game we always fill which leads us to be healer or bruiser / tank, and we seem to get the worse DPS’s known to possible or just trolls. People who don’t clear camps or anything most of time its alot of people just trash talking from hero select…do i just abandon Fill in general or (Flex) and just go a carry myself? it seems like the teams i get are bots who dont talk or players who think they are super good. I’m by no means good at this game, and maybe i do belong in bronze or silver but theres no way it can be our fault we are losing every single match at least not from my perspective. Even when i play by myself a few times its always just been the same but 4x worse.

First and foremost is finding or making premades of reliable players who can fill roles. Me i do not play with less than a 3man knowing I will be the healer and having at least 1 dps carry.

Pushing that aside everything things dps and kills wins this game. While focusing the proper targets is important, The big thing is making sure to not miss any soaks and get camps at the proper times. Most maps its camp right away but like battlefield you wanna time your bruiser camp around the 2min mark so it pushes while objective is being fought over.

While I do not agree with this but if you are gonna solo que, You have to pick a very strong dps or bruiser that can clear camps and do good burst and go back to what i had mentioned before.


I didn’t know that 5mans and 3mans can go against solo / duo quers wtf??? thats extremely unbalanced no wonder I lose so many games and it feels like enemy just has amazing cordination…if theres not enough players to do both team and solo then they should just remove team and just allow solo/duo, because people like myself who want to win enough games to get the mount but can’t because they don’t know anyone who plays hots besides a real life friend i play with has no chance at getting the mount.

Many games you will be matched against premades while you have a full party of randoms, While you will get more points for winning and less for losing. You have a veery high chance of getting matched with a game thrower or troll while the other team has the core group i talked about so they can carry within reason.

Make friends online, you play a game and see someone preform well, add them. Its how i made most of my friends.

Oh another tip is if you are good at healer and I will admit to doing this. I will focus on my dps carry in the group and keep him alive over all others in team fights due to I know what he can do vs the others doing something dumb like missing skill shots or focusing the tank.

Play YOUR best hero. The one that fits YOU best. Find 2-3 heroes you can master so no one can just shut you down with a ban. Know your win condition. Shut the iron gate on unhelpful feedback. Ignore whatever your team is doing and don’t waste your breath correcting them - praise them when they do something good. Find people you work well with.

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I feel like this is good if you’re playing at a rank lower than your actual rank.

Otherwise if you are amongst your peers and your best hero is hard countered this is really bad advice.

Draft is super important.
I’m not going to lock twin blades Varian when I see Johanna, lili etc… although I may feel confident on varian… I’m not going to throw pick him into that

I mean I’m just a silver player but I can see holes in this part of your logic.

Otherwise the rest makes complete sense and I would agree.

I agree with both of this. Drafting is important but picking something that you are unsure of how to play even though its a good counter VS picking something you know how to play but its being countered. Its a tough weigh in and really depends on the player and how flexable they can be.

I feel like players need to be more balanced in there roles and such. I am a great healer myself but i also play a strong mage and solo laner as well. I can tank and AA if needed but will fully admit they are my weaker roles.

I play about 1/3 of the roster comfortably with about 2 mains for each role.

I feel like as a silver it’s our jobs to be flexible and as we rank up grow into our mains

I think healer is my main but I often do damage because I see so much soak getting missed every game

Once I get to play with people that know when to engage disengage soak not soak etc I feel like healer will be much more rewarding

People focus so much on dps and kills and never consider rest of the game and that is why they often lose. EXP wins this game.

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Easy: get less potatoes in your team than in the enemy team!