Kerrigan underpowered


Just tried out the Q build, you’re right. Mana isn’t an issue for her anymore and FotS was 100% necessary to reliably stack that quest. Didn’t feel as nice as the W build, but it got the job done. I feel like FotS should be made baseline.


Point-n-click Q build though.


There’s a pattern I’ve noticed over the years with regards to how they handle Kerrigan:

  1. They notice she’s not very useful, so they rework her;
  2. The rework performs well;
  3. They notice she’s performing well, so they nerf her;
  4. The nerfs make it so she’s not very useful; and
  5. They notice she’s not very useful, so they rework her.


The difference is all of these listed above have either reliable poke, escapes, or both. Kerrigan doesn’t have much in the way of safe poke and no reliable escape. I think it will always make her hard to balance, but the constant nerfs were not needed.

As LCD pointed out in another thread the rework also failed to accomplish the devs goal of creating more diversity in her builds. They keep nerfing her W build, but it’s still the most effective build and Fury of the Swarm feels like a must pick talent, so much for talent diversity.


They tried giving her an escape with the Q charges, but it’s so rare you can actually leap back to safety. Got rid of her friendly leap forever ago. Once she’s in the fight, it’s hard to get out. Had a great Garrosh an hour or so ago, though. Was my own personal catapult into safety.

Given the apparent HotS design philosophy, I don’t see them addressing her issues until a year or so from now. They’re so focused on reworking outdated heroes (which is great, don’t get me wrong) that they don’t take the time to do much after the initial changes before moving on to the next two or three receiving changes.


Yeah I’m aware, which is why I think the nerfs should be reverted. Kerrigan has a full all-in playstyle which means she has to be able to nuke opponents on her own to be a worthwhile pick otherwise she’s not much different than Butcher.

The rework failed because Blizzard is unaware of how their own characters works as evidenced by them not understanding why Blaze is better as an offlaner and not a maintank. This was highlighted during the September AMA if my memory serves right.
Kerrigan should not have talents such as Bladed Momentum. This is the greatest issue with the rework in my mind as a talent such as this means it’s a must-pick since her overall CD’s are obviously taken into account with this as an option. What they should’ve done imo is baking this in somewhere in her kit. For example the explosion on her E could’ve had a CDR component, each new target she uses Q on or the amount of enemies stunned/pulled could reduce CD’s.

Another one is the huge difference in usefulness of the W and Q talents. Kerrigan is a burst oriented assassin with no poke and mediocre durability. Having a talent like Kinetic Fulminaton compete against Sharpened Blades doesn’t really work. Even when simple math could figure out that a ST oriented DPS talent wouldn’t be as good as an AoE burst talent for a burst oriented character.
Another smaller point is actually her level 13 offering Volatile Power and Psionic Barrier which has identical problems as Artanis current Shield Surge compared to Psionic Synergy. This raises alarm for me personally as it may mean Artanis level 4 will remain as lopsided as it is when they rework other heroes and introduce just as poor options.

As far as Fury of the Swarm is concerned it’s yet another example of pairing a utility+damage talent vs utility or damage only talents. The exact same thing I talked about with Mal’ganis’s Will of Tichondrius when he was released - if you give players the option to take either a utility/damage only talent vs a talent that does both players will pick the latter each time because it doesn’t make sense to use the other ones.
In Mal’ganis’s case Will of Tichondrius remains his most picked by a large margin and it’s nerf is the only significant nerf Mal’ganis has received since his introduction but it tanked his winrate by 5% so far. It goes to show how lopsided talent picks affects performance just because so many talents are traps from the start.


well if you play her against a.i, yeah she is fine, against heroes used by people with hands and a brain is probably useless


But it’s not. Assimilation Mastery was already decent before they buffed it, and now I take it every game. FotS is simply unnecessary for wave clear, unless you’re talking about zerg waves on Braxxis or something. E + spam Q kills an entire wave anyway. FotS is good when you get good mileage out of it in team fights. If your opponents are more prone to being split up, it’s a wasted talent.

The recent rebalance hasn’t changed Kerrigan a whole lot. The main difference is that her power shifted a bit from early game (combo damage) to late game (level 16 power spike with Q build). I preferred the Q talents anyway so I like it.


The sad reality with Kerri, she is very hard too balance( always has been) she is either busted strong or just busted. Been playing her since alpha, seen the ups and downs.


Her ‘rework’ was a sad completely utter waste of time. Shes in the exact same spot she was before with no talent diversity, no solid design direction and only played on 2 maps.

I will give credit where credit is due though because they somehow made Ultralisk viable.


I would not call it viable, just less bad.


You can pick Kerrigan all the time if you work with your team.

The more time you spend alone in a lane the worse she is. She’s a gank and combo enabler. The teams seemed fine with picking her during Blizzcon.


Blizzcon was before the second damage nerf. I’m referring to Kerrigan after the 28th of November. So they spend the time for a huge rework, two really significant patches to finally have a hero which isn’t more viable than before.

7% popularity (pick+ban) over the last week for a reason. I would call this a waste of time.


That’s not because SHE is weak, it’s because there’s either better choices or too many powerful counters.


Or, like most melee assassins it’s hard to make her do stuff because she has to be so vulnerable to be effective.


Which basically means she is weak… As weak as before the rework.


It doesn’t make a diff. They pick her for the CC and combo enabling. A damage nerf has no impact on that.

Anub engages, she follows up with her massive stun, and the target is dead before she can hit it with anything. Your teamates make the kill, you just enable it.

It really isn’t useful to discuss one week stats.


In which case, she should be relabeled a support.


No, because supports can’t jump to low health targets for a dive kill. (And no support will ever get self shields that they can replenish without using mana)


Not to disagree with your overall point because I agree saying “oh kerrigan should be labeled a support” is a silly sentence I didn’t think I would read today but Khara and Rehgar can jump to a low hp target for a dive kill.

She can still do respectable damage post-nerf and the combo is still devastating as an initiator or as follow up to someone else’s CC.