Kel'Thuzad Chains Missing After Master of Cold Dark Completion

^ see title - KTZ chains not showing

Screenshot Link: imgur .com/a/5EYWdlK

Hey BathTub,

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to show in that screenshot. By Chains do you mean the ability, the effect, or the chains that wrap around Kel’thuzad?

If you are referring to the ones that are around the Hero, would you mind forwarding a replay along so I can see what happened to you when you completed the quest, as that is most likely the cause for them not showing normally.

You can do that by following the Bug Attachment Guidelines pinned post

Ah sorry - I meant the aesthetic chains that wrap around Kel’Thuzad once his baseline quest is complete.

I’ll try and get a replay vid up but upon looking at it, the chains disappear around Kel’Thuzad after I got Polymorphed by Brightwing.

Recording here



Knowing that Polymorph came into play gives me a solid place to start from. Thanks for the additional information, I’ll look into it!


it’s minor but thanks for looking into it regardless :slight_smile:

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