Karax, the Khalai Phase-smith

Durable ranged support, can heal allies and provides shields when they’re at full health.


  • Durable
  • Sustained healing
  • CC


  • Low Mobility
  • Poke Damage

Basic Abilities:

  • Portable Shield Battery (Q) - Karax deploys a timed shield battery that provides shields that absorbs incoming damage to allies.
  • Counter Displacement Field (W) - Karax places a field to resist displacement damage from enemy attacks.
  • Photon Grenades (E) - Karax lobs a grenade that damages and temporarily blinds groups of enemies for a short time.
  • Solarite Robotic Arms (Trait) - Karax uses his robotic arms to heal two nearby heroes, once they are in full health, they will grant a shield to absorb incoming damage.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Solar Lance (R1) - Karax calls the Spear of Adun to fire the Solar Lance on three different locations. Deals massive damage that may pass through.
  • Shield Overcharge (R2) - Karax activates his shield to maximum level to nearby heroes, decreasing damage taken for a short period.

Karax is a Phase-smith who aboarded the Spear of Adun, creating Protoss weapons that may empower the use of Solarite. He is also an honorable Templar who fought alongside with Hierarch Artanis to retake Aiur from Amon’s hands.

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I like the general idea, but you probably should have some sort of ability to control who is being healed. IDK though.

They could be like Brightwing’s passive.

I love the thought of an Area you make where people’s pulls and pushes no longer have an effect.

(Maybe have a talent where the area also provides a cast time/move speed slow to enemies but sped up for allies within it. If say someone takes a second to channel, you could remove half of that channel so now it’s more like half a second/0.5)