Kael talent tree update idea


Basically just a few ideas updates to underpicked talents and balancing his tree a little more. Tell me what you guys think!.

Level 1:

  • Convection
    – Adjusted functionality: Hitting a Hero affected by Living Bomb with Gravity Lapse immediately detonates it and restores 50 Mana.
  • Fel Infusion
    – Moved to level 16
  • New Talent: Arcane Dynamo
    – Hitting a Hero with a Basic Ability increases Kael’thas’s Spell Power by 2% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 20% (periodic damage from Living Bomb does not trigger this effect). While this bonus is above 10%, all of Kael’thas’s Basic Abilities cost 20 Mana.

Level 4:

  • Mana Tap
    – Added functionality: While Kael’thas is above 60% of his maximum Mana, his cooldowns recharge 50% faster.

Level 13:

  • Backdraft
    – Adjusted functionality: Living bomb deals 30% additional damage to targets affected by Stuns and Slows.

Level 16:

  • Twin Spheres
    – Removed
  • Fel Infusion
    – Adjusted functionality: Empower Verdant Spheres bonuses, but increase the cooldown by 1 second.
    – Verdant Spheres now causes Flamestrike to deal 30% more damage, Living Bomb to have 1.5 longer range, and Gravity Lapse to reduce the target’s Armor by 20 for 2.5 seconds in addition to their other bonus effects.

Level 20:

  • Master of Flame
    – Adjusted functionality: Activate to detonate all active Living Bombs. 45 Second cooldown. Passive: Targets with Living Bomb applied to them are Revealed.


Instant 0/11 rating for this rework idea.


Who even picks twin spheres, though? I do not think I have ever seen it.

Ignite is so strong for teamfight damage, and fury of the sunwell gives him the best siege in the game. I just cannot think of a reason I would ever want 2 charges of an ability that is almost always available when you need it over either of those.


sometimes it’s fun to spam even more bombs and get even more empowered spells. I would just buff the talent instead of removing it

Spreading your own bomb with a proc would be insane. Probably too strong for level 1, but would be a super fun playstyle if the damage was balanced. Also a lot of KT players live by Convection + Burned Flesh DQ spam… changing convection would leave a lot of DQ spammers unhappy

Here’s my crazy idea, I’d be down to see Living Bomb get nerfs but have them add Impact and Combustion into the game :smiley:

  • Change his AAs to put a small stacking DoT on
  • have Q apply a small DoT of its own and then
  • W damage gets nerfed, and then KAPOW
  • Combust adds up all the total damage from the DoT and re-applies it as an additional DoT that ticks for the combined amount of the other DoTs, per second, for x seconds.
  • And then you Impact that target to spread that effect to anyone nearby.