Just What I Expected


Today I decided to play a quick HL game of HOTS after having not played in a good while. I was met with a 1300sec estimated queue time and then proceeded to have teammates draft 3 backline and stitches.

Never again :slight_smile:


you left like 2000 times, like… when are you going to leave the forums?

No offense, but it seems like your just trolling at this point.


Havent you heard TL is where its at on NA?


Why the hell would the leave the forums and troll in a game I had over 8000 games in? I wanted to see if the game has gotten any better but I guess not.


Everyone’s on TL, as armando said.


IDK, Maybe, just maybe mostly because of the goodbye posts you had past in the forums would explain my former post.

I’m really not sure, because when I say goodbye, I actually mean it, but I don’t waste my time on a good bye post either.


In fact, I think they must emerge the HL and TL as soon as possible, because of HL queue times. HL is now the old TL and TL is the HL thanks for the extra xp and for swap


No king quits forever, my son.


No matter how long the hiatus, all shall return.


congrats, you’ve been away for the duration of blue’s silence and have pretty much ‘come back’ at a time where nothing has changed, ergo, nothing to expect to have changed.

on top of that, you queued up for HL in a season where nobody queues up for HL as there is literally little other reason to claim to do so except for the sake of complaining abut having waited around for HL cuz everyone else – that isn’t looking to inherently complain – is in UD, TL or aram



the entire game is bad (various reasons) and the engine the game runs on blows. i am from tech alpha and have spent LOTS of money, but no more! i am leaving! ~ itzLCD (paraphrased)



Give it to him blaze :smiley: !!


I remember when I said ugh another goodbye thread by him a few months ago and people jumped down my throat because he was leaving for good. Lol


I started writing a comment for this thread but then I realized leaving a comment about how I was going to leave a comment bore equal substance to the comment I was going to leave about queuing for HL instead of TL/literally anything else

hope your life is OK outside of video games and forums


Now please explain to me how someone who hasn’t played the game in a while is suppose to know that no one plays HL anymore, a mode that has been the go to for competitive players for years :thinking:


game news sites
personal experience?

season 5 is an extension of the season 4 change to tl allowing any party size. Your hotslogs profile (high amount of alex and kerri games plus the rank to match previous claims so I shouldn’t doubt it’d yours if that were a concern) showed you were playing the game till at least dec 2 (of the timezone they use at least) so the extent of how long you’ve “stopped playing” I think has been somewhat misrepresented by some of your posts-- I don’t know intentionally for more qq sympathy, or because didn’t bother to notice and rile yourself up over yourself – and while you don’t have enough tl games recorded on hotslogs to merit a rank, you did play some games in the transition, so I’d venture to guess you at least tried it to see some of the change manifest – though maybe you didn’t notice queue time differences at all, or maybe they weren’t different from your circumstances /shrug

But similarly, in the light of the blizz/activision controversies and announcements, you’ve been around enough to have the opportunity to read comments and community concerns and game announcements before season 5 came around so the end result of your question pretty much boils down to:

by paying attention?

The trend of increasing amounts of TL over HL play were noticed in october and could be seen in a number of trending information sources pertaining to the game.

Lower que times
Better turn order picking for drafts
More participation rewards
Can queue with friends

it’d be more a question how you don’t expect people to transition to a mode that gets matched games in a time of game exodus in the aftermath of announcements you’ve commented on pertaining to the struggling future of the game where queue times overall increase and even with the coming announcement that ranked will eventually be merged to try to accomodate a fractured playerbase.

Oh wait, yea, the opportunity to pay attention too any of that was pretty presumptive on my part. My applelowgies :confused:


I’ll think about it.

Finishing my BA with a GPA higher than 3.9 > HOTS


Well when you left there were changes to TL that allowed for solo-queue and this pretty much created the problem of migration. In addition, seeing as you were a fairly high rank on the ladder there was the additional issue of the pro-scene being cancelled, as a result thereof ladders across the various regions on higher rank have lessened in terms of players and quality (as was seen when the leader board updated) as the loss of potential pro-players really hit the higher ladder (which is where you placed).

That said, TL isn’t a competitive mode, just to make that clear, it still has all the inherent flaws of MMR abuse happening with pre-mades using smurfs to affect MMR averaging for easy wins. However, it has become the new quick match because queues are much faster here.

It’ll be a long time before a really competitive ladder makes its return honestly. And it really depends on the success of the grass roots tournaments in that regard, of creating incentive for competitive players to return at high ladder.

That said, I do think at least the balance of heroes are much better than when you left around November / December? As I do think they’ve been doing some good changes. So there is that at least, and I honestly wouldn’t pay attention to all the whine threads about X or Y is broken as they’re mostly ridiculous (you have people saying Butcher is broken LOL or trying to get a rework for every other character they have issues with) from mostly the same group of posters that seem to be on a streak to troll / spam.


I like the fact you said quick HL
Totally agree with you on HL :frowning: