Junkrat concussion mine talent bug!

Concussion mine is bugged in Heroes of the Storm!

It doesn’t detonate. Once u throw the concussion mine, cooldown resets to 15 sec. and when u try to detonate it, its bugged. Can anyone have a look at this? Give me a feedback on that. Thx in advance.

when you try to use some junkrat habilties in a conveyor belt it can lead to weird interactions, like rip tire infinte activation… but never seen a non exploding concussion mine… unless u never press D (trait) to detonate it

The ability simply wont detonate!

The Key Bind to activate the Mine (with normal keybinds) is D not pressing W.
So if you Changed youre Key binds it might have unbound it or if you stunned or silenced you can not detonate it.

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