I've notice a behavioral pattern i'd like your alls opinion

So the thing I’ve notice about people that I don’t particularly like is that when they are being swarmed and there’s no possible way they are going to escape they continue running. Now I understand there are those times where that awesome teammate comes in and interrupts it, you know ETC stage dives on top of them, or they get ulted by that Ktz, but the majority of time without that outside assistance if you’re one 1v4, or even 1v3 you’re probably dead unless you’re malganis or someone with incredible life sustain. However, even when its futile to run, or even if its more beneficial to fight back because some of them are low and could be killed which would make the trade of your death worth the exp loss people still run and then just let themselves get picked down from behind without ever swinging a fist. So why is that? What runs through people’s brains where they know they are screwed and its pointless to run, but they do so anyways?

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Sometimes delaying the inevitable can buy time for your team to accomplish something else like a counter kill or camp / obj or even to stop from a full team wipe.

I could probably make several cases more if I thought about it. What’s the advantage to standing still and getting one AA in? I suppose getting respawned and back with your team faster.

I’d say there’s a time and place for delaying the death, taking swings and fighting back, running to be saved, or just bite g the bullet and dying quick.

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Yeah if you are a low mobility hero, like Jaina for example, don’t run from tracer. It’s not gonna work. Meanwhile if you actually fight back there’s a decent chance you’ll scare her off. Maybe even get a kill.


I run because my enemies are chasing me, instead of saving the fort that I pushed my minions on.

It’s really easy to take advantage of people’s obession with getting kills. They’ll even let their core die to chase you.

What i’m talking about, specifically, is like when you get ganked out of position and there’s a infinitesimally low chance you’re going to live(This excludes characters like Guldan, Dw etc who can just ult and walk out scot free). Those moments where you’re in braxis on the obj and suddenly 4 people just jumped you, and in a matter of a second or so your health has begun plummeting. At this point you aren’t getting out so why not fight? Its pointless to run, and just like PeskyBerry said, against characters like tracer you aren’t getting away and yet people still run
Sometimes there’s even low HP targets in the mix you could trade with, but people still run

Pretty sure I covered this in my post, no? If you are dying that fast how much “fight” are you going to get in that 0.1s?

I’ve have numerous opportunities where someone only had a hit or two left and it was just enough time to kill them as I died. Also even if you can’t get away dealing some damage is better than none. In the case of you being bursted by multiple people assuming they aren’t heavy on CC you probably have enough time for 2 basic attacks and an ability launch. KT for example even if he’s going to die he could use his wind spell and drop your teams life by a 1/3 in exchange for death. There’s a lot of characters where even if you can’t get away you can still deal dmg like cassia who can become protected

Which is why in my original post I ended with there is a time and place to run but it’s not every time and there’s a time and place to do as you suggest with getting hits in and potentially counter killing.

I’d say more people instinctively run than turn and fight but I’d also say unless you’re on a burst hero there probably isn’t always that opportunity to get the value you speak of

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I just deal as much damage as possible.