It's Time to Take Down the XMAS Tree


If we’re not going to get holiday events more frequently, can we at least not leave the game in a perpetual state of eternally a toddler retro toy nostalgia?

Thanks. :smiley:


Don’t worry, my man. The event will finally end on Tuesday and you can enjoy Resistance event.



Toys are cool and all…

But 3 months is way too long.


Can we have this event going on forever please? Thanks.


Wait, are you setiously complaining about free chests and gold? Get out.


I don’t care about free chests of imaginary goods I also don’t care about.


People complaining about getting free chests.

If I was a dev. I’d shoot myself.


No, he’s complaining over why are we still in Christmas in half of Febuary.

But alas it’s gonna end tomorrow.


The strawman is strong in this one.


You kidding? We just got a foot of snow in the PNW! Ho ho ho!


Winter doesn’t end until March 21st. 'Tis still the season (close enough).


That lost its charm after the first of the New Year.


Just an update: Liking the new event skins and mounts.