It's just amusing

That how almost everyone said Tracer before rework was a useless trash and obsolete. And now that she is reworked, everyone is whining about how unkillable and useful she is. Really amusing :smirk:

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The current state seems to be caused by a bug.
But then again, it is strange how all broken heroes seem to be bugged, and how emergency balance patches are all disguised as bug fixed (remember Quira and Xul?)

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I expected a very early hotfix but guess not.

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Lol, you sound like the type of person that believes in every conspiracy theory that they hear of. Fixing the bug on Xul actually made him stronger in some regards since the bug also limited the amount of skeletons that he could summon (I think max of 4), obviously having the explosion damage trigger twice made that aspect of his kit too strong as well, but both these things aren’t really what made him so strong in the first place after his rework.
Just to add to that: balance patches and hot fixes are almost always separated, they are not disguised emergency patches at all and it sound spretty ridiculous to say such a thing.
Deathwing for example was blatantly overpowered on release by the way and there was no real bug that made him stronger that had to be fixed. Auriel’s resurrect was completely broken when they buffed it by a ton and there was no bug involved either.

There are bugs all the time. These were nothing special. Imperius wasn’t even part of the reworked heroes. Plus, most players didn’t even notice them.

how is that amusing? Someone is trash, they buff them and they are no longer trash?

The problem with tracer is shes designed poorly for this game, and unless shes absolute trash(e.g. her numbers are low) she will be overpowered because thats how insanely mobile heroes are in a game with very few point and click abilities.

the most blatant example of this would be a character with 1 hp and infinite range and does 1 damage every 1 second. That character is useless, but if you make that 1 damage 100 damage or something that has an impact they are now completely broken because theres no counterplay.

Same thing with tracer. As long as the player playing her isn’t wasteful with her blinks she effectively has no counterplay against a large roster of the other heroes. It was fine when she was doing less damage, now that she does damage its not.

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hardly amusing, she has always been a feast or famine character, her base kit means when ever she is “good” she’s a toxic game experience for everyone else

You can literally say that to anyone how plays their hero to the max though.

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you can say it but it wouldn’t be accurate

Yes it will be, have you played against Sylvanas played properly? A Rehgar actually engaging and using a bloodlust exactly as they should be? Diablo using a wall stun then flip the target right into Apocalypse?

Yeah there’s a lot of examples, its not a Tracer thing.


none of those are a frustrating experience to play against, unlike a half decent tracer, let alone a good one.

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Speak for yourself. All of those are super-frustrating and believe me if you play against my Hammer (as an example) you won’t be having any fun. Someone who is good at a hero will make them terrifying no matter how ‘bad’ they are in the hands of a less-skilled person that doesn’t know the hero.

Sylvanas is devil incarnation and everyone in the low tiers is asleep on her overexaggerated burst, waveclear and engage potential.

Diablo chain stunning me isn’t fun either.

But hey, I guess its pretty subjective. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I passionately despise Hammer, just saying, she makes me so angry, but I have somewhat respect for them. :rage:

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It’s the fly in your face kind annoying. You try to wave or smack it and fail as it buzzes away.

The other examples are more or less the fist to the face annoying, you try to deflect, but accept it when it hits square in the face.

…not my best try of explaining it but there ye go. Beyond that you already know what ‘bugs’ me the most.


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Good. Then my job is done. It’s hard playing Hammer well against a roster of mega-mobility heroes. Like Tracer.

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Tracer, hard, on hammer? Screams elo difference to me because every tracer that tries to get me gets mealstrom rounds in the face which melts them pretty quick.

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I guarantee all the whining has nothing to do with teleporting slightly more around corners with a level 13 talent.

It is mainly duo to a bugged talent and because people don’t know how to play against, since no one really played her before.


being subjective doesn’t mean one opinion is more valid than another. Tracer is poorly designed for this game, diablo and sylvannis aren’t.

Sylvanis has abilities that are very choreographed. Tracers abilities happen instantly. Diablo’s abilities are also very choreographed, and his full combo can only be used on specific parts of the map, and his zone of where he threatens is not super large until level 20 and he gets the teleport. Tracer’s zone where she threatens is extremely large from the beginning of the game onward because she has effective 3 dashes, is ranged, and has an escape tool outside of those dashes.

Characters being good or bad isn’t the problem. The problem is its bad design to make it where you cannot do anything against a player unless they themselves make mistakes. Unless the tracer plays extremely poorly or you have a very specific team comp(e.g. something with atleast two point and click cc’s) you cannot deal with her at all.