It's been 7 months since Hogger was released

Not even a hint at who or when the next character will be released.

Back in 2019 they released 4 heroes.
In 2020 it was 2 heroes.
Half way through 2021 and we got 0 heroes.

Guess how many heroes we will have by the end of 2021. Right now the only 2 realistic options would seem to be 1 or 0.


I’d be happy even with 1. Just be glad we get to play this and they don’t pull the plug (though Blizzard games usually never do).

It could be like other unprofitable classics such as Diablo 2 which get nothing anymore or just the very rare bug fix.


I don’t know activison’s history with keeping games running, but with it/it’s culture replacing more and more of old blizz’s, I can see shutdown more likely tbh.

To be fair, we got both heroes in 2020 in the second half of the year.

But yeah, hoping it’s not 1 or 0.


Negative. They’ll start removing heroes one by one :joy::joy:


I hope you’re wrong, but it doesn’t seem like Acti supports or respects their legacy titles in the same fashion that Blizzard once did. It honestly feels weird calling HOTS a legacy or classic game. Too soon.

It would be quite a bad look if we didn’t get a single hero for 2021. It’s still possible, I didn’t expect two patches so close together, let alone so many reworks and the gambit talents or whatever they are calling them this fortnight, anything is possible.


Here we go with the whiners. This game already has a zillion characters!! Do you really expect them to keep expanding the roster to infinity? I’d rather the developers just focus on what they have working well.

And the majority of players, you included, don’t even come close to touching the whole roster anyway. Most consistent players of this game main 3-4 characters at most, long-term and that’s it. Instead of complaining, maybe take a long look at the roster instead. There is most likely a pretty neat character, that you’d enjoy playing, whom you’ve NEVER picked before.

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Hots: 90
Dota 2: 119
LoL: 140
HoN: 139


Consider that HoN is also in maintence mode like Hots. It’s actually interesting that Dota 2 has “only” 119 compared to LoL or HoN, while being better supported than HoN.

On topic: I would be happy, if we see at least one hero or map in a year, but if it isn’t possible I accept that this game is at least still playable like games back in the 2000’s.


HOTS has 90 characters?! Holy crap! I never actually look that hard of a look at the roster but, i just counted and you’re right :open_mouth:

I figured this game was 60 tops. But it’s friggin’ 90! Why do you need more characters?! Geez.

Edit: At this point, i’d rather MORE stages, than characters. Bring back/fine-tune Haunted Mines or something.


I lean this way, though I would be quite happy with 1 new hero per year, just to help keep things dynamic.

Ok look another Blizzard is great and they never do anything wrong troll. Instead of assuming I have several characters that I never play you ask if I have any characters I never play. That way when I say that my lowest level character is 27 you realize that your arguement in favor of Blizzard is totally invalid.


Agree. This game is for every Blizz game, it should never be Classic because the Nexus should contain Heroes from every new franchise/game.

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Keep in mind they did a lot of reworks and fixes to the game. Which probably delayed the next hero for a bit.

I agree we should have gotten a teaser by now based on the release schedule, but the month is not over so there is still a chance.


The hero creation process has been said to be 9 months. While heroes were released in intervals less than that, that was due to multiple teams working on multiple parts of heroes to create a back-log. Since there are not multiple teams working on multiple heroes, its likely to take more time for a new hero to be released due to the limited number of people, and their actual skillset in realizing hero-ideas esp since there isn’t a “team” exclusive to HotS and their time is split between multiple game/projects. While some parts of the process have been cut down (lipsync). the process still requires new assests, play testing and interations since the hero look, abilities, talents, etc aren’t made right from the get-go.

However, the sort that don’t know this stuff likely don’t have the attention span to realize all that and process why some things arent magically made over night.

As a fun aside: Dota 2 went 8 years without a new hero.



You know this is actually WORSE when there is too many heroes? Or should i say the forbidden names of 8 lasts heroes LoL got?

Guess what? Only 7 months until Christmas.

You know what that means?



9 MONTHS??? Holy cow that’s a huge blow on any hope I have left of having 2-3 heroes per year. If the old team needed 9 months to make new heroes, I can only imagine the new team would be taking a year and a few months to make 1. (If they’re even still making any new ones at this point, I don’t think I’ve seen any confirmation that the new Classic team is working on any new heroes…)


You can never have enough characters in a realistic time frame. That’s 20 years down the road problem. Even if LoL pumped out ten champs a year I’d only get concerned around 500. Realistically 200 would be too many for most people… unfortunate. I’m fine with there being characters left underpowered as you’ll never get everyone top tier in the first place

A post around reddit, iirc, said that mengsk had had work done toward him; when mei was released they said they had been trying to get Reinhardt to work, but changed gears to do mei instead due to some complications with his shield.

Back in the day, rehgar’s kit was going to be on Thrall, abathur was going to be the ‘overmind’; when whitemane was reworked, a blue said it was like the seventh variation of her they had made at that point.

Some heroes are harder to make ‘right’ for offering a unique, but referential, experience in Hots; some heroes give rise to other ones. There’s probably several others anywhere from concept art to tested abilities, so it can be possible to get more than one hero a year, but the difficulty is that it does take time to conceptual, test, adjust, and redesign things to suit a particular ideal, esp if other ideas come out in the meanwhile.


Bold assumption. Maybe you personally just started playing HotS last week and are overwhelmed with the roster, but that’s absolutely not the case for many (perhaps most?) of us. When I started playing, Kael’thas was a new hero. I’ve played every new hero this game came out with on release.

Don’t make excuses for Actiblizz please. Smite just had its 3rd new character for the year added a couple weeks ago, and has also had numerous balance patches, bug fixes, and several events with tons of skins and content added, as well as a redesign of their joust map. They even had new avatars added for minor things like Father’s Day.

Meanwhile Blizz had a Xmas “event” that lasted almost 'till freaking Summer, and when asked about wtf is the hold up with new content, eventually responded with “DurRr of coUrsE We sTiLL wOrK on HoTS, wHaT eVer GAVe u tHe ideA we Didn’T??”

If people would take a look beyond the Battlenet launcher, they’d realize Blizz is lagging behind pretty much every other gaming company on earth, yet somehow still has a cult-like fanbase that rushes to defend them at every opportunity.

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None is excusing Actiblizz, but the devs. It’s a difference to talk about what a sceleton crew like the classic team that it’s know also working on Hots can do in time and the company itself. The company on the other side has indeed almost no intention to support Hots greatly and that most players here are aware of that fact.

It only appears to you that way, because you think Activision Blizzard = Hots dev team, which is just false.