It doesn't bother blizz that the most popular game mode is a clown fiesta?


I think that’s one of the worst things about the other MOBAs.
With the ability to carry comes basically the NEED to super power and protect your “carry”
Which means supports don’t get to have fun, no one else gets to get kills. It’s just a disaster.
But I bet it feels good for the one guy every else is… I won’t finish that.

The real problems with the game are Heroics being so all or nothing, burst damage being too high so there isn’t as much back and forth, hard counters which ‘force’ specific hero bans and limit variability, and talents that aren’t impactful enough in drastically changing how you play your hero so you can adapt to different situations.


if you are unhappy about qm and its blind picks on a map you dont know. there is unranked where you can draft play that. its in the game why are you playing a mode that your unhappy with when you can be playing a different game mode you are happy with? or if you still wana play qm how about getting into a group talk to people make some friends


Dota has no QM and last I heard dota is 10x more popular than HOTS.

You can make draft modes the default mode by removing bans so people can play whatever they want (and no pick order means they can do so if they pick first) and reduce drafting time so it is fast

@Fawxkitteh who said there is no such thing as heroes ending up on unplayable maps, lol you think every hero is equally viable on every map? You’re one of those people who draft murky on braxis and tell your team “relax, I’m good at micro” aren’t you rofl, stay ez


If you want to blame, blame Blizzard for not including Ranked/Draft mode during the Alpha. By the time they introduce the “proper” Ranked/Draft, most of the HoTS players were already deeply integrated themselves with QM.

If DotA has QM as their only mode in their launch, you can bet that QM mode will be the popular mode too.

In other word, it too late for HoTS developers to remove QM at this point because the damage (or QM foundation had been strongly established) had been done here.

At this point, either you continue playing at Draft Mode or just go to play DoTA2. Leave QM alone.


Well, the game is certainly “different” enough to lose the MoBA races as it failed to gather enough playerbase or money to rival other MoBA games.


It takes 10 to 20 seconds to find a match with a hero they want to practice with.

That alone beats the 30 minute wait to be grouped up with failures who play ranked all day for years but still can’t grasp basic drafting.


the only reason QM is the most popular mode is because they made ranked such a garbage mode.

HoTS just had bad leadership/design issues.


Hero league is most certainly a clown fiesta. Too many players who play heroes they are inexperienced with because they believe in their comps meta and don’t actually exhibit any amount of skill or knowledge with that hero. Too many players focused on team fighting over macro strategy because they think "competitive game play’ is all about “carrying” the rest of the team rather than working with it.

While QM may suffer from it not being “serious business”, where most players are less worried about winning than they are about having fun with their hero of choice, I’ve found that these players are usually more skilled and have better knowledge of the game. This is a breath of fresh air after years of dealing with the clownfiesta that is Hero League.


I enjoy playing healers and tanks usually.

But in quickmatch? Lol… that’s borderline masochistic


There are maps heroes are better on, just as there are compositions heroes are better against, or compositions heroes work better with.
But learning how to play differently than expected to make it work is part of the SKILL required in QM that you apparently do not have.

You can play Murky on Braxxis. But I’d suggest building him as an assassin, and having someone else take the solo lane. Murky is a decent ganker who can rotate to help assist the solo laner, then if needed suicide into a tower to near instantly report back to his 3v4 and help secure that beacon too.
There are places to place his egg that are very strong for keeping track of enemy rotations, since it’s a rotation heavy map. So I’d take the vision increasing talent over bribe, and go slime build with octo-grab.

Stay ez? I’m better than you, so what does that make you? :slight_smile:

I had a TL match last night.
I picked Lili, but our team drafted Auriel as a second support.
They had Abathur on bottom lane, so I was just pushing it without contest. Then Zeratul showed up and I was bullying him out because Abathur apparently switched his focus to their other allies.
It was a weird game where both sides had unexpected comps.
But because of playing QM a lot you learn to not panic just because things aren’t going how you would have expected, and focus on maximizing gains and minimizing losses.


No they don’t care.
This is why you get mass reported trolls and also persons who didn’t play for 2 month into your games. Of course they ruin everything and the match quality is the worst in the industry. But Blizzard is a we don’t care about feedback company.


You are walking down into the heart of a mountain.
In it, you are told, is the one you have come to see.
Welcome to the hall… of the Mountain King.

Heroes of the Storm is infused with just the right amount of delightful madness! Like unique twists and custom rule-sets that turn everything you thought you knew about the game on its head.

Heroes of the Storm is a Hero brawler and Brawl is infused within all modes.


welcome back :kissing_heart:


Speaking as a level 231 Murky, contrary to what most people believe, Murky vs Butcher is a huge advantage for Murky.


The problem isn’t the number of players at all, it’s the ratio of players that play tanks/healers.

If you have 10+ assassins/specialists in the queue for every 1 tank/healer, then it doesn’t matter if you have 100 players in the queue or 10,000.

This is exactly why you see QM games with 0 tanks/healers all the time… because the ratio of players that play tanks/healers compared to bruisers/assassins/specialists is too low.

For fast queue times, in order to start a game with 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 bruisers/assassins/specialists on each team, you need ratios of…

  • 1 tank for every 3 bruisers/assassins/specialists
  • 1 healer for every 3 bruisers/assassins/specialists
  • 1 tank for every 1 healer

It’s pretty obvious from playing QM that this isn’t even close to the case.

This is why they added bonuses to playing certain specs and why tanks and healers almost always have the bonus active, because the ratio of players playing them is too low.

When they had the matchmaking restrictions a few months ago that led to the 10-minute queues… that was the queue times for bruisers/assassins/specialists. Whenever I queued as a tank/healer, I always got 15-30 second queue times. The problem is, the rewards of bonus XP, bonus gold and faster queue times for playing tanks/healers still wasn’t great enough to get enough people to queue as tanks/healers still.


Please enlighten.

I am guessing it has something to do with octograb.

Also, a murky that fears dying (as he would if he was against butcher) is not a murky that is playing properly.


An interesting question:
Would the game be better off without the people who only play QM?

There is an argument that the game could actually bring in new players if they changed the game drafting structure. From an economic standpoint, are these QM players the one spending most of the money in the store and encouraging their friends to join the game?

I don’t have any stats on player growth and influence. I’m just skeptical that QM is keeping this game alive… if everyone who only plays QM left, would it really matter? Only blizzard has stats on this kind of stuff. One thing you could say is that they should have done something about it two years ago—it probably doesn’t matter now.


Casuals in any game make up the majority of the playerbase. In everything from WoW and HotS to Neopets and Club Penguin. Telling the casuals to get out is how video games die. Ask Wildstar’s devs how that worked out.


Casuals have always been most abundant within any gamer base. If you don’t make it fun for casuals and enlarge your player base then the hardcore players have no one to rule over and the game dies.

Here’s a hardcore game that has issues with low player base Street Fighter.

What bothers me is that the OP can either just play Unranked or he can be part of the solution and play either Tank or Support.

I would agree that playing Tanks can be quite toxic. Mainly because when Tanks engage you expect other players to follow suite. If that doesn’t happen you’re dead and people complain you’re feeding. This kind of has a snowball effect where people will start to engage without you putting your team at again a disadvantage. This is why I always side with the tanks usually because I know how hard and frustrating it can be.


You realize that “casuals” in this game predominantly play Vs AI? Like by a significant margin.

QM statistically doesn’t make up that large of a pool, and the pool of QM players who would quit if it was removed is probably a fraction of that pool.

But, it may be too late to remove QM and get any benefit at this point anyways. It would have to coincide with the 3.0 launch and a bunch of advertising – and they would have to dramatically improve Unranked/Ranked to compensate.

I honestly would just love for the AI to be better. If the AI was good enough, it would fill the niche that most people who are die-hard QM players really want anyways. It isn’t like you can talk with your opponents anyways. I bet if the AI was good enough Blizzard could add a random name generator for the bots, make it always pair you up against bots in QM, and most people wouldn’t even notice. That being said, the AI has been going backwards of late, so this isn’t that viable.