Is this game worth playing solo now


Hey, haven’t played this game in months about 4 or 5. looking to return to it but i want some input on the solo experience, quick match preferably since i only have time to play this game casually

Whenever i used to play this game its was in a 3 man party or more cause before that matches were un fair in terms of hero composition and they were tons of leaves and afk.

I heard they made changes to qm some time ago so that each team has a tank and healer, has this improved the qm experience for solo players or not? non of my friends play this game anymore so im looking for y’all input. also drop some qm stories bad or good if you have any.


They removed it, because too long searching of game.

See ya later :wave:

And, this game mostly isn’t worth to play alone. Especially HL.
Only party. The best way - full party 5.


No best thing to do is to boycott Activision Blizzard and see what s going on tomorrow with the layoff.


That sucks, so its just all assassins as usual. was really looking forward to that.


Nope, as a solo game it is dead.




R.I.P in pieces. i guess its time to start learning Dota or something


I wouldn’t recommend Dota for sure too.


I solo queue in UD all the time. If you’re looking for competitive, HL is basically dead. I have no idea how TL is, but I’ve heard it’s quite the random horror show in terms of match making.


First pick Murky.



i dont feel that excited about unranked draft every time i used to try it i get matched up with new players for some reason. like below lvl 20. im not against playing with newbies but its kinda pointless going for unranked when thats the cases. would rather do quick match so i can play a hero i like


I play mostly QM solo. For me its a mix depending on what is in the queue. Sometimes I’ll get a full team comp with healer and tank, sometimes tank only, sometimes healer only, sometimes full assassin or 4x + Tass / Medivh / Abathur.

If you want to enjoy QM solo, play heroes you are good with or really enjoy playing. If you are trying a new hero (or a hero you haven’t played in a while) be prepared for a potentially rough game.


Murky is one of my top picks for QM. :frog:


QM - it’s when nobody goes soak exp.


You can’t first pick Murky on QM, because everyone first pick there.

(I talked about league)


whats wrong with dota 2? DrLogan

i would do that if i had multiple games to do that omni. Eventually i would get a good match but i just dont want a situation where i get into a match get a bad comp and thats it for the one match of the day


I play way more solo than with friends and I play the most in QM.
Personally I don’t really have problems and I’d recommend this game even solo, but I play on a high mmr where I can rely on my teammates (yes, in QM, it’s weird but I got used to it).
So give it a try at least and the worst scenario that you’ll take a break while you can’t play with friends.
And what I can advice to make the experience as good as possible:

  • play your best Heroes
  • if possible play support or warrior so your team won’t lack it
  • it’s QM, try your best but don’t get angry, cuz it’s just a game

  • toxic chat;
  • toxic voice chat ;

    You know what? Everything bad, what are here, there are too. It may be worse.
    So I don’t see Any reason to go from one bad game to second one.


i think its a much better in higher mmr i have done qm duo with a friend who was in master rank and everybody coordinates well without the need for communication just a couple of pings but im just mid silver and well the qualities of matches are just meh.

Thanks for the advice though.


You got smart friends. You should learn from them.