Is this game even competitive?

Just as the title has stated. I do not care what rank you are. I have bounced this season from diamond 5 to diamond 1 and back down and all my wins and losses were not even games. It was one sided stomp fests where players are playing like they are bronze or something. Making calls of diving 1v5, ignoring lanes and soaking.

Like I have not had a match in 2 years that felt like both sides were close to equal in skill. If this does not show how screwed up the MMR rework has made everything then you must have been the players i have mentioned before…

It is a shame to see a game that had such promise and was so fun turn into this.


its not competive anymore. I’ve seen more less skilled players than It was 2-3 years ago. since the abusive reporting, the game has totally fell of the radar. games will come and die. so I guess it was time for this one.

but I think they were very late cause it had a ruff start. then it peaked then crashed like a stock market.


The simple answer is [ n o ]

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Considering that I, as a bronze could be facing non-bronze ranked players… no.

It wouldn’t be terribly competitive to just have Usain Bolt race up against the high school track team. It’s not terribly competitive for a Platinum to face literally anything but a Platinum.

How they screwed this up is so far and away from me. Why bother with ranks anymore?

Yeah. Bronze kids have to play against high gold accounts in 5 stacks all the time. It’s ridiculous that they even allow this to happen. It is easy to fix. Just stop the MMR average and make the match making place groups into matches that match with the highest ranked player on the team. If it is random queues with no parties than averaging out MMR for match making makes sense. But not when you can get a premade with 2 or sometimes even 3 players a complete 2 tiers above anyone else on the enemy random team. It is really, really broken.

Most you should be able to do is DUOs and only 1 rank tier apart. NEVER should a gold be able to party with a bronze when you are averaging out MMR for match making. It is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen and the devs should be ashamed.

If they want to come out and say “this game is not suppose to be competitive”. Then I will stop griping about it. If this game is really just suppose to be casual and this is not suppose to bother us then they just need to get rid of ranked all together and delete the “competitive” forum from this website.

Not even one rank apart. Otherwise, again, what’s the point? Unless it matchmakes exactly rank to rank, and even then-- is it going to matter which rank plays which role? I’d guess yes, and that’s gonna be a whole 'nother discussion.

I get people wanna play with their friends and that’s what literally every single other queue is and is good for. In Ranked queues of any kind? No, it should be bronze vs bronze, silver vs silver, etc., exclusively. Otherwise, the ranks quickly lose their substance because they don’t actually divide the way they’re meant to.

Golds are in Gold because they play at a Gold level. If they want to face Plat, they’ll have to get there.
If they want to face Silvers, they’re free to drop down a rank instead of this current clown system where screw them, I guess, Silvers can choke down a Platinum player despite the likelihood being that the skill gap is irreconcilable for the Silver players.

I cannot possibly see the function in letting higher ranks stomp lower ranks. It’s a degradation of the entire point of ranks for every single player in that match the moment there’s any kind of rank disparity.