Is this forum even supported by B

just correcting this oversight by you, but…

3 months ago since dev post. meanwhile we do know they have been seen on reddit. right?

…and if you look down the blizz tracker list you linked you will see that it is nothing but QA in the bug reports forum. which doesnt count as them really posting to the community about things so much as responding about a bug reported by a player.

Yeah, they love reddit and hate this place. Has been that way for 5 years now for some reason.

New insider information from developers always surfaces on Reddit first. They rather use that platform than their own official forums.

In 2019 the only player related suggestion they responded to was the request to nerf Anub’arak.

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cool, time to leave the forum and switch to reddit. Makes no sense here when its basically the trashbin for the community

Oh, that’s rude.

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But the truth :frowning: 20blabla

I’m pretty sure they read the forums but don’t write replies because when they do, they get zerged with irrelevant questions and people take them too literally or get angry that they write a reply in one thread but didn’t answer THEIR question in a different thread.

So if you’re here to discuss the game, stay.
If you’re only here to have fun, go to reddit. It’s not a good place for actual discussion, due to their up/downvoting system that can throw unpopular opinions to the bottom.


Just look at this board after Qhira’s release: there is maybe one constructive topic about her, all the others are just pure salt.
Posting in such environment is pointless since those crying around like headless chicken for the “new OP Hero I uninstall gg” won’t even listen to any answer and just keep repeating their tantrum.

Reddit may be an echo chamber sometimes, but at last discussions are more polite and interesting (most of the time).


I’m not sure. I guess they host the servers that the forum use but that’s most of it.

Nah, they don’t even host this forum. If you go on a whois site and type in it shows Amazon is hosting this forum.

So they don’t really have much ties to this place except the domain name “blizzard”. They barely even post here.

Yeah I don’t know what exactly this add to the topic, a lot of companies uses Amazon for cloud hosting data and many more.

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They silenced me a week ago.

But shouldnt be this the first place to say “hey, calm down, were working on a balance on her” instead of leaving everyone in the dark and dont know if she gets a balance update…or not…or dont they even know how to balance her


They stick to the bug report and support sections, because those are where people actually looking for constructive answers instead of whining about everything they don’t like go.

tbh blizzard makes the forum what it is. it didnt get this way overnight and it wouldnt improve overnight or even a month of sporadic posts by the community managers feigning interest by posting in irrelevant and ‘safe’ topics to avoid pressing game issues.

no to actually fix the atmosphere of this forum the devs would actually have to really care about posting here on a consistent basis.

…but thats not going to happen so the forum is just going to be a festering pool of hatred and bile.

Blizzard “it’s not always easy for the dev team to find the time to post on this site, when they do it’s during their free time at work or at home”.

Also Blizzard “posts every week on reddit”

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one of the blue’s said on the old boards that staff have their choice of which medium they use for the free time responses.

While some here then take that to mean the staff thus ‘hate’ the forum, reddit does have a larger following and can lack some of the ‘official’ attributions given to when blue’s do post here. Similarly, there’s a very different tone people adopt between a ‘forum’ and non;

between a larger audience, less ‘official’ polarization taken to blues, and a more… casual tone, in writing, I’d certainly say there’s more advantages to using the reddit platform for personal contributions than not. I mean, one big downside of being the forum-voice is that people do freakout when that person is not around anymore.

Trying to pick up that torch may be more stress people don’t want to deal with on their off-time.


It sure is! And I think you’ll be seeing more Blue Posts around here in the future. :wink:


There is one intern left working on the forums and he is noting down all the bug reports. Not to belittle his job but that’s the most you can expect on the Blizzard forums for any of their games unless it is damage control or PR.

They prefer to encourage offsite communities to grow naturally and thrive rather than forcing their own product as the only solution.

I wish the same could be said about Overwatch (League). Like HOTS it’s not that balanced of a game or a fun/coherent spectating experience but it wasn’t taken behind the shed to be shot a week before Christmas. It’s only in a good shape because of all the money that was thrown at the brand. I wish the same courtesy was extended to this game as well. It never had a chance to begin with, and it was always a more polished and superior alternative to the similar games of the genre.

Yo like 4 blizzard posts got onto the front page after this. what an inspiring post :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be really fun from a blue to respond “no” in a commical way :'D

Glad to hear it! You all are highly welcomed and appreciated! :3