Is HOTS done making new heroes?

This is just a question I am asking if anyone has any information to this.


None of us has concrete evidence unless they work for hots. But I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to know the “unfortunate” answer

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It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the classic team just on a whim decides to churn one more hero out but I’d just assume this is the final roster. If anything for the small chance of being pleasantly surprised when proven wrong, instead of hoping and growing disappointed.


No info but a personal guess would be if we do get heroes, it will be 1 a year at best.

I’m not sure what I’d prefer. To not be given a clear answer and just have some smidgeon of hope that they may put out a hero randomly, or being told that nope, no more heroes.

Logically, I would like to know exactly when new heroes are planned for release, even if it’s a disappointing answer. But a lot of people are probably going to be all dramatic about such information, or they’ll stop playing because they feel that it’s the final nail in the coffin.


As long Blizzard dont come out with an official statement then no one knows really.

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The main thing for blizzard is that they don’t need to necessarily call something ‘done’: Diablo 2 went how many years before getting updates? And now that’s back in the limelight and will have whatever else happened for it because it has money going back into that via sales.

Blizz’s priorties are the new game releases – two more diablo games, overwatch 2, and iirc, there’s at least 1 other project that hasn’t been announced – so staff have been diverted away from HotS to try to get those out sooner. Granted, once those games are out, they’ll still need teams to work on expansions, and supporting those games, but there isn’t a point were HotS can’t get people back on board and then look at new heroes, or refined modes or some other way to revitalized monetization for the game.

Fighting Games tend to die off in expectations of a new sequel to revamp everything while dota-like games get a ‘new engine’ to update the visuals, shift modes around, improve tutorials for newer players, etc etc.

Without a hard say that HotS is ‘done’ – beyond ‘maintenance mode’ it is the sort of thing that could always be picked back up again and launched as a 3.0 for HotS or whatever. However, when the game has several teams, hero dev time was about 9 months, so if there isn’t any active work on that by a dedicated team, it could be awhile for new heroes to happen.


I don’t expect new heroes. It’s possible that they are working on just one thing, if there is a team, something is going on. Maybe just balancing and lots of playtesting…

The main difference between D2, AoE and the likes is that those require a lot fewer players at one time, or even can be successful as single player titles. HotS could of course join the single player market, but an AI overhaul would be due. Also, many of these games have been popular earlier, and players appreciated the revival after 10-20 years - Heroes isn’t an ancient relic yet. (I hope D2 is better, considering the W3 fiasco.)

Ultimately, what binds players to games is having fun. In my experience HotS doesn’t do a good job at restoring fun. It is bound to bleed players by design. (Some of them by getting reported, but the behavior itself is a proxy for leaving.)


The last time they talked about new Heroes, they had many planned. But it’s still a question they could make any finished.


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There is no hope. Accept that.

Nothing on Reddit so far and the first Summon new content thread even got deleted by the mod lol.


Nothing to share today. Just to set expectations - But I always do love these summoning’s.

Hopefully something soon :slight_smile:つ_つsummon_ptr_thread_part_2_past_8_am_pacific/hix96a6/?context=3

It’s not much but we know they’re alive at least.


The odd thing about that response is that it is from a Community Manager, not an actual developer. I am not suggesting we will never get a new hero, but I don’t know how “in the loop” CMs are regarding upcoming content.


in the purge of employee references in blizzard items, I do wonder how the ‘kevin in the nexus’ stuff is fairing…

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We all knew that it will happen, but we didn’t know when exactly - and here we are now.

??? It was obvious the fall of HGC was the Fall of Rome equivalent. Some people might be ignorant and say grassroot scene (CCL) and the loyal players means the game won’t die but that’s just false hope and …

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the claim around ccl holds more true than not (generalized, not all cases of course. Execution/context still matter)
Community activity is a better stabilizing factor for games than dumping more money on it. A lot of games maintain activity through mod scenes and obligatory objectives (randomizer and speedrun communities) Seeing sparkles from the game can help some people cope with their bandwagons and sunk-cost fallacies, but having a solid ‘core’ playerbase is better than golddigging.


With the current state of Blizzard i doubt this game will receive any love. Especially now that it is considered a Blizzard “Classic” title which usually means they will not update it. Im surprised we even get balance patches still.

They didn’t even make the Halloween crates or skins available during halloween to me that just shows how little Blizzard cares about this game anymore.


Every bad thing that’s happened to Heroes of the Storm can be traced back to Diablo Immortal. Game was fine. 2017, 2018, both great years for content. Player base was growing. Then, Blizzard’s stocks fell. They killed their least popular game to save budget. Then they saved, and saved, and saved. And we withered away.

Seriously. Screw Diablo Immortal.