Is Alexatrasza outdated?

For the past few patches she has been among the lowest selected healers in the game with a pretty meh general win rate.

Diamond, Masters she still has decent stats according to heroes profile so im not sure what to think about her personally



She’s really strong on “Bursty maps”. Where you can pop dragon and win key battles. Infernal shrines, volskaya, tomb of spider queen (more for her waveclear), and alterac are good places for me at least.

Most of alex’s counters are skill matchups. She can beat ana, jaina, ect. Kaelthas is one counter i dont like picking into.

I just don’t see her much anymore so idk. She doesn’t feel weak, just maybe is a tad bit outdated? Like maybe a little im not sure

I think the asian scene still use her plenty.
She has always been relatively unpopular in na and eu.


That’s nice to know if it’s true, I was talking ladder wise but the pro scene will do as well

It’s all that matters.
Her and Whitemane are the hardest healers to master. It doesn’t mean they’re weak at all.


Your up for games?

Alex is good but very situational like chen, I think her talents are fine but maybe a bit of a overal increase?


Traveling rn. Ill be back in about an hour though. If you cannot stay on that long then try again this weekend?

Personally I don’t like her, because her main healing come from W and I just don’t like being clustered with my teams and get enemys the opportunity to aoe us (like Azmo, Tass, Kael’tas).


Honestly, i think alexstraza’s main issue is that shes not the most exciting healer to play. Untalented Q is one of the least interesting heals in the game and W can occasionally feel more frustrating then powerful when people walk out of it and dosent have particularly exciting talents. Dragon form and her ults are totaly awesome but are on long cooldowns. Which is a shame sense conceptually, shes one of the coolest heroes in the game.

I dunno if id say shes outdated sense shes still got the tools to preform extremely well but I would like to see her get some kind of touch up.


Just write me on the msg board but not today

She probably feels about the ‘worst’ type of healer.
(excluding tyrande & li li obs o/)

Her W has always had the concerns of being telegraphed, so it’s prone to being carpet bombed with spells/heroics or anti-heal debuffs. Her Q build demands a high hp threshold and E requires skill shots, so any sort of ‘build’ she goes, she’ll feel more prone to being countered than a lot of other picks.

As far as ‘outdated’ goes, her talent tree is more of an archaic design as the talents generally feel forced syngies and players tend to build almost entirely around the 1 ability, so anything not talented into in a given build can feel left out (though minor compensation being her dragon form as that pretty much undercuts any talents she takes for anything that isn’t for dragon form)

Overall, I think she’s prone a feeling of “She doesn’t contribute” so players aren’t as prone to be as skilled when picking her, or being a bit too mindless on how she’s played and drag down her win/pick rates. I don’t recall much by way of positive demonstrations on highlight clips on her behalf and I think she’s probably something akin to Illidan in that if she’s being shown, it’s probably due to something going wrong (bad landing, team wiped on her W, etc etc)

Between her bad raps, lack of “made a play” feeling (projected from what I see from other players, not my person opinion) talent stagnation on some tiers bad trends imo I think it’s a consequence of her being in a rut where people only expect her pick to matter at the end game, and then they don’t play to ever reach it.

Also, she doesn’t have a cleanse effect, arguably had the biggest “not lore” appearance, and her dance isn’t very inspiring, so she’s gotta be the worstest most terriblest unhappiest -est ever! Gu-Hosh!

I could see her getting a tweak on losing or adjusting her quest-based talents and getting some pick combinations shuffled around (to try to promote better cross-ability picks) but I think a key part is a lacking sense of positive imagery compared to negative stereotypes.

Somehow her worst build for general play became her most popular, probably because it’s her only fun build, but the fire dragon build relies HEAVILY on team work and needs a team who can handle having less healing any time you aren’t in dragon form.

She’s good in good hands.


Honestly, I think she’s needs an overhaul. I’m a support main. You wanna know what I hate? having my main heal be on a 3 second delay that forces people to bunch up in a game where bunching up is NOT a good idea. It’s just not fun. Nobody wants to deal with this crap. it’s time to change things a bit. I propose making her W ability be 3 rounds of heals all occurring in 1 second intervals.


Alex is picked to win big fights, that’s her whole point with dragon queen, her W does fine especially in team fights as long you aren’t facing ana, and you need to be touching the cirlce just before its about to proc.


Her popularity amongst the pros shows that there is a problem. She is not a popular healer. Too niche. I think the 3 bursts of healing on her W would make her very good though.

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I love E build Alexstrasza. Being able to pop off Dragon Queen more frequently is a blast, also she deals a decent damage PvP and PvE.

However I think her main issue is that her biggest source of healing is her W which has a cool up and is telegraphed to the enemy, making you and your allies vulnerable being grouped up for a period of time, if I were to give a suggestion, maybe give a charging up W a buff effect (unrelenting, semi unstoppable, 50 armor, reduced damage taken, etc) so that people who stand there aren’t completely defenseless. I think giving her the option to detonate the W early will be okay, like she sacrifices the, for example, 50 armor for a burst of healing earlier.

Also, what if everytime Alex puts out her W, she yells or speak loudly to all nearby temmates kinda like “abundance is bestowed, heal. Now!”


Yeah, like losing a good chunk of the healing she could do cuz they weren’t clumped it for those 3 seconds.

>Bunching up bad
>A suggestion that even enforces them to bunch up for 3 seconds instead of touching the circle when it’s about to end.


Q build is where it’s at. Oppressive healing output for your team if you can manage to dodge skill shots. Alex is great at countering strong carries with pacify–it’s on a in insanely short cool down if you can manage to heal CC’d targets (which isn’t typically a problem). Plus, she has tons of anti-dive in Dragon Queen and Cleansing Flame. She’s fun, she’s challenging but super rewarding. Play Alex more, and even if you take Q build…please always take Surge of Vitality @ 4.

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