Input signal out of range

It works fine with starcraft and broodwars. I only get "[input signal out of range] when I play starcraft 2.


Can you try going to your Documents folder → StarCraft II → Delete the Variables.txt file and retest launching the game? This step will reset the game back to default settings. This issue is a sign the game is picking up an unsupported resolution or aspect ratio it doesn’t support. If the issue continues please collect your Dxdiag and upload it to a site such as and post the link back here.

Thank you!

Hey there Traxcat,

My apologies on the delay in getting a response here. Thanks for getting the Dxdiag pasted so we can check a bit more into why that error is occurring with Heroes of the Storm.

I also see a mistake was made with the past step of looking for the Starcraft 2 folder. This is for Heroes of the Storm and thus we’d look for that folder instead. If you haven’t tried yet, please do test if deleting the variables.txt file there helps.

Assuming there’s still a problem, we’ll want to address both the graphics driver and in-game settings next. The driver is showing from August 2021. Let’s get the latest driver for the integrated GPU updated to the latest driver from October 2022. This should be the appropriate driver for the 5700G.

Testing after the update is done would be appropriate. Lastly if it persists however, we’ll want to force a reset of the driver settings and in-game settings since both would not be affected by the driver update and could potentially cause this problem.

Resetting driver settings link here.

Resetting in-game settings steps here.

Hopefully this helps out.

Starcraft 2 is he one I am having the trouble with. I have never played Heroes of the Storm.

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