Imperius stun "Disjoint's" Kael'thas Pyroblast


Noticed in the last game i took that imperius stunned the guy who was followed by the Pyroblast, and when the stun ended, the pyro was just locked-on to the ground where the stun occured


I noticed that on Hanamura if imperius stuns you then that objective no longer recognizes you inside it


someone might want to test and specify the bug whether it only affects the affected target or Imperius model as well (when used offensively)

also could the spear-attack be used to escape the pyroblast that is following Imperius? similar to how Zeratul was (or still is?) able to Blink with correct 1/10 timing and juke the spell completely


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! We have both the disjoint issue and the Hanamura payload issue tracked, and we hope to have fixes out as soon as we can.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix