Imperius not a tank Blizzard


Been noticing that Imperius is getting matched against Dehaka and Muradin for tank role. Stop it.

This guys is the most anti-tank warrior yet. Everybody and their grandmother blows him up so darn easy. I am not even sure this guy should be classified a warrior.

Please, stop treating him like a tank.


r u sure u r taking the right ult? :smiley:
there is a supa secret build, put marks on whole enemy team, hit 1 and cleave them all for tonnes of healz.

but yea he is under-tuned as hell atm avoid like the plague until the inevitable buffs come. cant have a new hero being UP now. god knows blizz needs that $$$ now more than ever XD


You literally answered your own question/ complaint in your title. You are right he is not a tank, he is an initiator. Play him like that and you should see more success


Which is why QM should not be pitting Imperius against Dehaka, Diablo, and Muradin as the single warrior in opposition. He cant play that role.

PS: Knock Diablo down a peg already. His charge needs to be cut in half, at least.


To be fair, Dehaka solo tank isn’t great either.

Not even sure what you are suggesting here.


I’ve never seen a QM game with Imperius as the solo warrior against actual tanks. Dehaka doesn’t count.


Dehaka IS NOT A TANK. Dehaka is a bruiser and Imperius is a bruiser. No one is treating them as a tank. I don’t understand what are u crying about?


How to make a hero useless 101.


Neither is Dehaka.

Imperius, Dehaka, DvA, Artanis, Sonya, and Leoric are not TANK, but a bruiser.

Bruiser =/= Tank.


As what others said, Dehaka is a bruiser and so is Imperius. This is why in QM you get these “tank” vs no tank games. //“tank” = bruiser//


You are a little right when be compared with Dehaka and Muradin…dont worry Immortalperius also will be reworked in future…because i would suggest new 7 lvl talent /abilitye…to use his wings or fly in short distance…with long cd timer…this his weaknes slow…can be replaced in favor. He is agnel should have more favors…of course he have and weaknes…like do not miss spell dmgs…so…?!:slight_smile:
And depence a lot from skill of players…in my last game in QM i died only 2 times and this game was so long to 29 lvl! I really rare times play such games almost 30 lvl!


I won a match as solo tank against a solo tank Dehaka with 2 balanced teams in terms of composition.

Imperius can work as a tank but you need to be less of a damage sponge and more of a disruptor. You need to dodge skillshots and not behave as an initiator unless there are other CC in the team. You shouldn’t waste your self heal and you should always think about setting things up for your team without spamming your skills or you’ll be oom soon.


i agree. people are like wt u complain about omg?!?! but theyre not very smart. no character just because theyre defined as a bruiser means theyre just as bad at tanking as other bruisers. right now, imperius is possibly the worst at tanking of the bruisers. hes way too squishy.