Imperius crossing terrain is complex

…from what I see in my recent matches so far Imperius can cross terrain but specifically the ones with the most small and thin walls. Also from that lunging heroic he has its nearly the same thing. My question is that does Imperius heroic sends him the farthest than using his spear? Does his heroic help him get through larger terrains?

his lunging heroic can be initially used to go over walls but u cant move back over things like gate…it blocks u even though u r “in the air” which is a bit ridiculous not sure if u can mmove back over other walls but gate definitl works not


Its only enemy gates he cant pass over. He can still pass over his own gates with kidnapped heroes.

I tried it myslf.

You can cross terrain using WotA’s charge, and since the charge range is ~50% longer than his Q’s charge range you can cross noticeably thicker terrain with WotA than with Q.

You cannot cross terrain while airborne, though. This is probably mainly to prevent people from leaving the map or getting glitched into terrain when they land.


Your gate doesn’t count as terrain.

That’s why if you’re Diablo and Q an enemy into a gate, they don’t get stunned. Whether it’s yours or theirs.


its something dumb they should of fix along time ago it makes no sense for him to be blocked by nothing! unpassable terrain while in the air LOL and can’t go over things while in the air as well, even though they design it like that its still a bad design.

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Falstad can still get hit by Aba mines even while flying.