I'm tired of the bug that removes my skins

Is blizzard going to refund me my money or what. Fix the damn bug that removes skins and gives me the poverty horse in so many games.

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Maybe share it on #bug-report

it’s been around for 5 years. they know about the bug

Its been around a long time . Basicly what is going on is it uses your last played/ selected hero and gives you that skin " value" number and thst mount. If you a hero specific skin it. Gives you the pleb horse. I often see this on the 1st game of the day

Ugh, with that title I imagined something different. Imagine a bug that removes your skin.

I notice it a lot with the 1st game of the day too, but sadly it happens more times than just that. It would be nice if there was some kind of workaround that was consistent. Like maybe selecting a different hero, then selecting the hero I want to play again after every game will somehow ensure we get the correct skin and mount number. I will try it out I guess. Although I’ve seen this happen in draft mode too, so who knows.

Another one that was around since 2015 is your mount randomly changing to brown horse no matter what you picked in loadout.

Sure it’s cosmetic and thus probably not deemed high priority as a bug, but it’s inconvenient.

edit - just realized you mentioned mounts in original post, my bad.

It’s really not just inconvenience, I paid good money for my skins and mounts and I want to enjoy them every game. I’ve never played a game where cosmetic stuff you buy has a chance to not appear.

Yeah, I can’t really think of any video game I’ve ever played where this happens.

Another one (very rare though) is that you get a different hero than the one you queued with in QM.

Note that blues said they’re ‘working on it’ since at least 2016 and the bug was first reported 2015…
And it keeps happening to this day.

They’ve probably tracked these issues, but they treat them as super low priority.

knowing about a bug and being able to figure out why it happens are two very different things.

There is a “wrong server reconnect” but currently cannot find someone to give them information who has experienced it.

Five. Years. :expressionless:

you know what the largest problem is?

“Dang, that is what we are seeing when we try too Spazzo. It’s just unfortunate because when people report this, I ask for more information and get nothing back. I don’t think we’d be able to fix this until someone can reproduce it and tells us when they did so we can dig up the data. :(”

What more information do they need? If they have a question, they can ask me right here. You do realize software companies have their own testing environments, right? It shouldn’t be that hard to run a simulation of 1000 QM games and see it come up at least a few times.

the #bug-report forum exists for bug reports to be filed there so that people from the QA team can read them all.

Nope, i have absolutely no idea how QA works at all for HotS. Haven’t interacted with multiple people from the QA team and report issues and learn why it is or isn’t an issue.

The thing is, most of the “long standing” bugs that QA deals with involve the matchmaking engine (in my understanding) or are super low happening rate.

I had an utterly bizarre bug as Orphea a month or two after her release that i’ve never seen another report for, and that they couldn’t figure out how i got the visual bug despite replay, and my dxdiag.

I do think that people randomly losing stuff from their collection (anything, even a portrait they’ll never use) is not okay, and should be fixed.


and a refusal to post in the #bug-report forum or even explain it so someone else can post it is completely unhelpful.

The bug to me seems simple and easy to track down… but I’ve reported bugs where I figured that, but actual replays/how to reproduce was required.

The largest thing is figuring out how to reproduce it regularly. Otherwise it can be hard to nail down.

Timestamps/at least the day it happened are helpful based on my general interaction with QA.

ok, thanks for posting. goodbye now.

"Why is my bug not fixed?"
“What is the bug?”
"You know the removing skins!"
“Can you explain in more detail?”
"No it is 5 years old you know it!"
“But we need details because XYZ”
"i’m not telling you! Goodbye."