Im bored Auriel hat/synergy tier list


Looks like you had fun.

Personally i dont necessarily like crowning mages like Liming or Chromie because their damage is too inconsistent. I would definitely swap them with Jaina and Kaelthas on the tier list.


Yeah, thats always the struggle with hat on mage. Generally if you want to hat a mage you start the fight with mage hatted and then swap over to someone else after their burst.
Also her 16 spell damage talent is pretty good.


Please move Abathur to God Tier


If its aram, and there’s multiple Auriels, if one or both take the first talent for cd reduction on the sweep, it could actually be insane. Tho that also depends on the enemy team standing in it.


I almost wanna say auriel has one of the best early games in the game because of that talent.

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Eric might be decent to hat but the other two vikings are definitely worthless for that

I would move a Li Li up one tier as a good W build Li Li is fairly good at stat padding her way to being a decent battery
I would also move Qhira upa tier considering the consistency of her bleed damage of a good Qhira in a team fight kinda like Lunara

Qhira drops down a tier list every time you make a cringey Qhira novel.

The issue is she can’t always be doing or taking damage like some of the A tiers can. All that time waiting for the opportunity to strike (and time spent spinning) is time im not healing.
Once she does get in there tho, shes a great hat target.

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The fact that you know this and I managed to forget that key component of the qhira playstyle, tells you how much I’ve actually been playing the game in the last while
You are right of course

I stand by my statement about Li Li being able to pump out consistent stat badding which is what you want for a battery though

You do know the definition of Novel is multiple chapters, so technically it’ll only be one novel when I’m done with Prodigal Daughter)

How do you figure Maiev on that one?

she just does alot of damage. plus all her pulling enemies together makes for some nice Qs. Consistent aoe in general is just really for for auriel.

Wait wait… Zagara is A tier?? How.

She do lotsa damage. The splash and poke of banelings is also great.