Illustrated Skin Bundle Concept: Breath of Y'Shaarj'

  1. Y’shaarj Abathur
  2. Sha of Pride Azmodan
  3. Sha of Hatred Mephisto
  4. Sha of Fear Diablo
  5. Onix Destroyer Brightwing (tint)

We can have a full team, tank and healer included :smiley:
It’s been a while since I don’t come to the forums… Please, let me know your thoughts!


Very cool! I dig the Diablo skin.

Blizz needs to hire your @#$ for the art team and I’m dead serious about that.

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The Abby one is my favorite of the bunch.

Violence(Butcher),Doubt(Potential Belial), Despair(Whitemane?) and Anger(Alarak) are left.

Really a good Idea with one old God Event and a old God as Hero. :heart_eyes:

PS: You Forgot Garrosh as Avatar of Y’shaarj.

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I’m flattened but I can’t reach their feet when it’s about work quality

I love the Meph and Diablo skins. Good work!

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I would like these skins to be in the game!