If you could Remove 1 Character

For me it would be Murky.

This is a game where the most powerful Heroes and Villians from multiple universes battle. You got world shaking dragons, leaders of entire space Empires, mages with unbelievable magic powers, demons and angels battle for control of all reality. Oh yeah, there is also a baby fish person. A baby fish person who’s weapon is … an actual fish. I mean really? He hits enemies with a fish. That’s on par power level with arch-angels, ancient world shattering dragons, and the leaders of species who have space travel who’s Empires span dozens of worlds. Very even.

If Murky and an enemy trade takedowns Murky only counts as 1/4 of a takedown, and he will respawn faster and be back in the fight before his enemy. He can ignore the 1st obj on most maps and cause as much or more damage as that 1st obj will cause.

So yeah, many annoying characters in this game, but Murky stands out as number 1 too me.


For me it would be Qhira. Not only is she a Nexus-born hero (which I hate even more now with the even further reduced hero releases) but she also had like zero build-up/hype as opposed to Orphea.

That, and she’s kind of annoying to fight. But maybe that’s just because I main KTZ.


Call me crazy, but…

i think this thread is just OP’s Nerf Murky post


Yeah any of the 3 Nexus characters would be good choices because who cares about them? No one. I mean how could you care about them they have no history.

Nerfing Murky would help but it wouldn’t change the fact that he is just a horrible concept for a hero.


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Orphea Qhira and the game lists TLV as a Nexus hero.

I would change my mind if the hearth swap exploit was removed. I think the insta mount exploit is still even possible.

I immediately thought of murky myself when I read the title. He gives way too much pressure and has 100% uptime. He also has decent survivability and kill potential, so it’s not like he’s useless in fights.

His egg/respawn is the main issue. Not only does he set his respawn point wherever he wants - he also has a short timer.

Killing murky is actually harder than killing most other heroes. And I’m talking about real, full kill.
Killing him 4 times (which approximately sets him back as much as one death for other heroes) is also harder than killing others.

On top of that his siedge, waveclear and camping are top notch.

The worst part - that there really aren’t any way to nerf him properly. His entire strength and point is in being annoying and controlling the map. Take that away and he’s useless.

He subverts the standard game flow too much, just like Vikings, but he’s ten times easier to play.


Well said Aax. Murky’s whole kit is so poorly designed that traditional nerfs wouldn’t really render him less frustrating. Removal seems the best option.

Genji. Not because he’s OP, but I think people who main him are like, not good people. Know what I mean


You obviously play Overwatch LyrasVulture. :grin:


I never liked this thing: “Q”


Every hero is loved by someone who has invested a great deal of time and effort spent on mastering them. Even if a hero is one I dislike (Hammer), I know there are any number of people who enjoy them. Because of this, I wouldn’t remove any of them, but learn their weaknesses so I can do better when I find myself against them.

If I could remove one feature from the game, I would delete the ability to spam voicelines indefinitely. Holy heck that is annoying.


Star Trek: The Next Generation called, it wants your Q joke back. :laughing:

I agree every character out there has someone who loves them, even TLV. My point is Murky concept and kit and so poorly designed, like Wrecking Ball in Overwatch, that no amount of nerfs can make those characters acceptable.


TLV is from one of Blizzard’s oldest games. Young whippersnappers like yourself may not even know about the SNES, but Lost Vikings was a fun game with a groovy beat!

Personally, I think that every and any hero OP plays should be removed. Actually, lets just remove OP, game would be much better imo.


wow I just googled lost vikings music, you’re right. this is good stuff.



He has everything you want in an assassin. Higher than average attack range that hit like a truck, best poke in the game by far, global stun on an assassin hero, high PvE damage, high hero damage, super range.

He’s a hero exclusively made for high level players.

Bold text: This is the sole reason that Dragonstrike sees absolutely no play in high level realistic games.

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Qhira. remove that disgusting creature thanks! i’ve never hated a hero in my life as much as her. garbage personality everything about her is garbage…


I would have the power to remove zeratul who I despise as all hell,
I still wouldn’t do it
Because every hero is someones favourite (I’d Know my favourite is the least popular hero in all of heroes Qhira)

That said, please give Zeratul a slight cast time on Blink and then the survival buffs he needs accordingly.


You are not allowed to call any hero “annoying to fight” while maining KTZ bro, just saying

First of all there are only 2 nexus heroes, the third in that category in game is actually a Blizzard Classic the VIkings have been part of blizzard since BEFORE Warcraft

Second of all, tell that to the people who enjoy playing these heroes, for some both orphea and Qhira are hella fun to play and it osen’t matter what hteir lore is.

Thanks for beating me to the punch on this one Hoku