If you could change one thing about this game


I would add editor and custom maps made by community.


Replace Brawl with Arcade that shows 3 different brawls weekly that players can choose from.


Add Sombra and collect more salt than was ever seen in the history of humankind.


I would add 4 more Dryad or Keeper of the grove character (2-2 i guess).

Just for fun :smiley: Nature squad :rofl:


Never put Mei in the game and let the players vote on which overwatch hero gets deleted from the game every 3 weeks.


Be able to have more speedo torpedo skins


delete mei from OW so she cannot be in this game.

dont let exp changes come to live server and fire the one who came up with that idea.


I’d make sure the XP changes don’t hit live.


Give the defending team a buff and set the fort and creeps back to 2015 interation.


Make it a PvE MMORPG :>


I will release Moira and she will reveal the truth of the nexus.


Make Ragnaros a permanent Molten Core hero.


I would bring back the original Haunted Mines. I know a lot of people hated that map, but I loved it.


Selfishly, I’d want Rehgar reworked to include some form of Lightning Bond, among other things.

Otherwise, I’d like to try a massive balance overhaul to grant all Heroes a baseline generic ability that is dependent on their role:

Tank/Bruiser: They get a choice of Block or Spell Shield. Whichever is not chosen is then slotted into talent lvl13 as an option.

Healer/Support: Cleanse or some form of CC mitigation.

Assassin: Sprint or some form of brief mobility (on a long CD).

Specialist/Seigers: Vision to enable “safe” split-pushing and also counter-picking stealthies.

The goal of this massive change would be to open up talent options for many Heroes that are dominated by “must-pick” (Cleanse-like) talents. This would also make certain roles more competitive in drafting modes. Also - I still strongly believe that certain Heroes should “share” these generic abilities as talent options - ie. Chromie should keep her Vision talent.


Give Malf back his Elune’s Grace talent.


better matchmaking.
fewer scrubs.
every game is a complete shutout, to one side or the other.


sugestion what to pick most of games lost at picking phase


There are a lot of changes I would want to make to this game. But the most important is to stop clearing your hero’s command queue every time you get stunned or knocked back. SC2 engine sucks so bad, it really prevents me from enjoying HotS.


An option setting of desired kind of team in QM. For the system to match the type of role or specific hero into the the team as close as possible, and loosen the restrictions overtime to allow a faster que.


Add map blacklisting, so players can blacklist 1-2 maps of their choice like in Starcraft 2. I simply can’t stand Volskaya Foundry, nothing has made me want to quit hots as bad as that map.