I would spend $100 to reset my MMR

Make it so Blizzard. Tired of troll tier

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Problem with this is that trolls exists from bronze 5 to diamond 5 and the rumor was new accounts could not be placed above gold with the MMR system. So if you reset it, you would have to find away to rank higher than low diamond which I doubt is gonna happen.

Troll tier only escape is to premade.

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You’d soon be pissed that you spent the money, when you find yourself near the exact same spot.


Yeah. Not gonna matter if you reset your mmr. Too many boosted kids and the party system BS happening right now. They need to reset everyone’s MMR and bring back HL for this to line itself out.

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And they need to stop boosting, if a bronze groups with a gold then they should be treated as if they were gold. Same with the rest of the ranks so no more boosting.

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Just learn how to carry the game.
This game is relatively easy to carry but it can be boring.

Carrying here depends far less on mechanical skill and more so on game knowledge so it’s easier for people to do it.

It’s the realization that rotation and XP leech is more important than kills or sometimes even objectives.

Pick a hero that can take camps solo while also being alright at clearing waves. If you also have one with some mobility you’re set. Then just do that better than the enemy team and you’ll win more of your games than you lose.

(Much easier path than getting good at counter picking and going for the kills)