I thought the 10-same hero ARAM is supposed to be 5%?

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Note that the odds used to be 5%, but they may have changed them.

Was this 5% number in the patch notes?

I read that it was 5% in the thread the Blue posted on Reddit. I’m not sure if it was in the patch notes, as I’m out of habit checking the patch notes, as we usually have no patches.

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Checked everything I could find but nothing that state it had 5% chance to pop. Maybe the chance is even higher then instended. If so then I can get why so many complain about it.

Last time we had miror matches in brawl it was at 5%
10x mirror hero brawl should vote between 3 options : heroesofthestorm (reddit.com)

I think the % is higher this time.


I’m just wondering if someone pulled that number out of thin air and it got out of hand with what the actual chance for a mirror match is. I also do not keep up with the patch notes or Blue posts. I just feel like right now this 5% number is all hearsay.

Hmmm, I didn’t read the thread about this. Was it a Blue that said 5%?

I’m confused, the link you posted is 5 years old. Did I read it wrong?

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My post was to proof that brawl was at a 5% chance to spawn same heroes at that time but no one know for sure how the % is now since no patch note told us.

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Remind me, was Brawl and ARAM the same thing?

ARAM was one of the activities that were in the Brawl rotations.

Brawls used to be a weekly activity for 1 particular thing eg. “stitches Pull-party”

Some of them were single-hero matches (hammer, nova) and others were slight variations of map objectives. Blackhears bay had a number of variations for shooting cannons at something.

A brawl had a weekly chest awarded after 3(?) games, so it wasn’t uncommon to get players willing to throw a game just to get a quick reward. When ARAM maps were added to the rotation (or what we end up being called “aram”) the devs found the activity dwarfed other options, so when cutbacks were hitting HotS, they opted to ‘freeze’ brawls as just the ARAM rotations.


pls learn about RNG, its not deep!!!


Let’s be honest. The new ARAM gimmick wasn’t implemented well, so in a slow game it’s the primary complaint rather than a fun feature for everyone. ARAMs that last for longer than a standard game kinda defeat the fun of it, especially when the players wish they had a choice on whether to be all the same char.

I’m not one of those “9 out of 10 games” people, nor am I complaining, but for whatever reason I do tend to see mirror matches pretty often. I only know how to look back 50 matches in my match history, but I’ve gotten 9 mirrors over the course of 50 matches. I’ve had stretches where 3/9 are mirrors.

proof (assuming this works): https://—clipchamp.com/watch/gLDqNDjWhIn

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