I thought the 10-same hero ARAM is supposed to be 5%?

I thought the all-10-same heroes in ARAM is supposed to be 5%?

Well I just had 3 out of 4 games solo aram where we all got the same heroes. And in not one of them did I have fun.

It happens way too much, way too often. it feels more like 25% to me.

I don’t want it fully removed, but this should be some incredibly rare happening, like 1.25% , no more than that. So that people can actually think of it as rare & lucky, not some frequent-happening pepega.

Last season ARAM was my most played mode. Since the introduction of this mode and how frequent it is - I avoid it like hell.

So, Blizzard, I beg thee - please fix, remove or reduce the %, whatever, but can’t keep it like that - i haven’t met a single person who saw 10 same heroes and went “YAYY, WHAT FUN” - nah, all of them were like “here comes the clownfiesta or ***tfiesta” …


Someone doesn’t understand probability. Its not a statistic of “based on all my past matches, I have had 5% of my matches be all 10 same heroes matches.” Its more like “there’s a 5% chance of every match you play will be an all 10 same heroes match”

Flip a coin 100 times and tell me if your results ever differ from 50 heads tosses and 50 tails tosses despite the probability of you getting either heads or tails being 50%.


How often do you expected to roll a “21” with two six-sided/standard dice? 8.333%, so out of 100 throws you roll 21 eight times, so only 1 out of 13 rolls. We often get 4 in a row. Because probability =/= outcomes.


You got 3 in 4 matches. At some point you’ll get 1 in 50 matches. In the end, after you play A LOT, it will stay something around 5% or 1 in 20 matches.

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I play 100 games a month, so I would have roughly 1 mirror game per month, this doesn’t sound good.

I had fun in all of them (except the one where 2 teammates went afk from minute 0)

On the other hand there are plenty of matches where you get huge draft imbalance (like Auriel vs Dekard as only healer option) and those are terrible, much much worse than mirror, but it can happen in every game. And noone notices that cause people are busy blaming players skill most likely or it’s “acceptable” random. But why?

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Reminds me of trying to hunt for Shiny Pokemon


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NO. This is not how English works and you should be ashamed.

Odd. Either you took ARAM so seriously that you didn’t take the mode at face value that it was and always has been a clown fiesta or you needed a mirror to reflect this for you to notice.


this is why casinos shouldnt be legal, human beings are incapable of interacting with probability rationally


And there’s also the fact that Casinos are infamous for manipulating the probabilities in their favor

They are a business designed to prey mainly on the careless and foolish

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Ya, you can tell when algorithms are manipulated. You’re right to suspect this one as well.

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1 mirror match in about 60 games :upside_down_face:

I wish I had this magic luck some people say here that they have 8 mirrors in 10 games.


I guess some people are just better at finding those Shiny Pokemons in ARAM


Joking aside; it definitely looks like a case of people who dislike it simply being much more vocal about the issue

I also think that there is a chance that some people are finding these “One for All” games more often in comparison to others


Nobody is denying that some players would be presented with mirror matches more than the quoted 5%, it’s basic probability.

What most of us are calling out is the very unlikely chance that those claiming to have had 9/10 matches be mirrors, that’s so extremely unlikely, even given random chance, and we have multiple people making variations of this claim.

“90% mirror games”, seems to be the hyperbolic sweet spot claim being made the most often, one I won’t entertain happens to even a minority of players, let alone as many who claim so here.


I call BS on all the above. Another pitiful whiner looking for attention. You’re not fooling anyone.

I play ARAM all the friggin’ time. It’s honestly pretty rare. Maybe 1 out of every 16 games will be a 5v5 mirror match.

^ ^ lol. Riiiiiiiight. Maybe if you didn’t chuck in this sad nugget, your post might’ve been more believable.


From what I’m gathering, the game employs top-secret experimental military technology to scan you, to see if you like 10-hero mirror matches or not.

If you like them, it drastically decreases your chances of getting one.

If you don’t like them, it drastically increases your chances of getting one.



5% when you lose, 500% when you happen to get more than 50% W/L ratio in ARAM; you WILL end with 50%. That’s the genius rule in ARAM. Random until you play solo with 50+ WR.

Oh for sure

If it was happening 9 out of 10 games then I myself would like to at least see some proof of it


This. It’s always people saying it happened 90% of the time but without any proof. If it’s happening all the time then it’s not difficult to share some proof.


Yeah like literally one imgur album link with pics of ten ARAM games is not hard to show us at all

There should also be proof of it happening within ten games and not just cherry-picking some ARAM games where “One for All” happened so we can see the actual frequency of how common it is

Hell I’ll personally even accept 5 out of 10 games as problematic just to be fair to naysayers of “One for All”

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I’ll even accept 2 in 10 games over the course of 100+ games. That would be 20% instead of 5% and would be too much.