I think you broke the A.I. ...again

When there’s a bot on your team, it will stay at the hall of storms unless you ping it. Then eventually it will go back there and not move at all.

i have experienced the same problem

It’s under the AI section in the patch notes:

Disconnected players will have their A.I. return to base and remain there unless they are pinged to follow.

This is correct!

Disconnected players replaced with AI will sit in the base unless otherwise pinged to follow. This is new as of the recent patch.

The problem is that even if you ping them. They will still eventually go back to the hall of storms and stand there.

I’m not sure I understand the advantage of bots now doing nothing at all.

I think I know what the Devs are after.

By making the AI go back to hall of storm you will be forced to fight 4v5, eventually losing due to the obvious reason. This will

  1. Encourage team work and remove toxicity in games because you know if you piss someone off, you will be heading towards inevitable doom.

  2. Promote micro control by giving everyone a chance to be Rexxar

  3. Give people what they have always asked for since Alfa - a surrender button. (It’s impossible to win 4v5)

Also, even when you ping it, it follows you but don’t do much. AI alex was throwing heals even tho we were full life, and when doing camp, she just wander around, trying to run against the mobs, and didnt help… Tbh, it was better before. At least AI could go soak when not pinged. Now it will just follow someone and do nothing

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if it wasn’t clear enough I was being sarcastic about my last post, yes the new AI is basically driving on manual. Nothing about this is “AI”, artificial ? maybe. Intelligence? no freaking way.

I think that can be very good feedback, however, since this forum is for Bug reports, and there are no bugs here, I’m going to close this thread.

However, I’d encourage you to take this feedback over to the General Discussion forum where we keep an eye out for feedback!