I Passed 60% Win Rate on Tracer, AMA

hi, ask me anything, i will answer i think

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What is your favorite cheatcode in an rts game?

WhatIsBestInLife in StarCraft 2.

I had an extremely fun match recently as Tyrael with a Tracer on my team. The shields from his level 1 talent and the move speed from his level 7 turned her into a meat-eating hornet.

What are some of your favorite Tracer comps?

Doesn’t it give AA speed attack too?

It does, but I don’t think attack speed is quite as vital on her, due to her trait. Sami could answer that better than I. I just know that the movespeed meant she almost never had to Blink.

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Whitemane for mark and leave.

Abathur when they don’t pick the AA speed.

Rehgar is pretty nuts too with bloodlust, makes you win games.

Also one composition I don’t see a lot anymore is Valeera, she works really well with Tracer, always guarantee a kill regardless of their safety, e.g near the gate and such.


That life leech is insane. I suppose Deckard with Ancient Blessings could be good, too.

It is a lot of splash damage, but IIRC Ricochet has no synergy with it.

Fine, I’ll bite. Do you ever find a good reason to take any of the Recall Talents? If so which, when, why?

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thoughts on the tracker rework?

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Literally none of them but 20 Total Recall is debatable, restoring a lot of health in a team fight makes it a safe option to survive the late game if you are terrible, but Get Stuffed is probably one of the strongest talents in the game due how it works.



What is your favorite number?

P.S. Mine is 3 :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: 4. :smiley:


Well that’s good advice for me playing Tracer, as I am quite terrible with her. I enjoy her, but my psychological fortitude and reflexes aren’t up to mastering her. Even without being a Tracer main, I knew none of those talents (with buffs) are worth picking other than perhaps Total Recall.

How do you think they could rework her recall skills to make them viable picks?

What do you think about Recall talents as they are now. Are they worth talking or not.

Which Bomb ult do you prefer to pick and which one do you never pick if you have one.

Which lvl 7 talent do you prefer to pick.

Is the bomb talent at lvl 20 good or bad to pick in your opinion.

Who’s your favorite Tracer player between Dynouh, Mochrie, Lutano, Fullerock, Nazlow and Marlow? What action impress you the most?

Do you think Pulse Bomb’s scaling is on point or it should be tuned down to boost her early game at the cost of her late game?

Do you agree that she’s one of the hardest hero to master?

Are you sure about the Ancient Blessing interaction on Ricochet? There’s currently a bug with Maiev’s Blade Dance that procs it on every enemy because the physical damage is dealt at the same time.

Do you hold your right mouse button to move or you click a lot most of the time?

What do you think about the change on Parting Gift?

My past list from stats showed that Tracer (in a hyperbole, not just the 1v1)
counters: Kel’Thuzad, The Butcher, Qhira, Chromie, Medivh, Zarya, Illidan, Mephisto, Malfurion, Deckard, Garrosh, Lunara and Zeratul.
is countered by: Azmodan, Genji, Junkrat and Diablo.
Would you agree?

What do you think that you need to improve to become the absolute best Tracer player?

What interaction bugs do you know that is uncommon knowledge to the public?

Who was your favorite hero before Tracer?

The main issue with the recall talents is Recall by itself is already strong by default, so adding any talent is not necessary, its like imagine ice block but you can talent to it, normally its not needed as Ice block by default is a powerful ability when executed right.

Recall talents by themselves could use a lot more changes that revolves around amplify her other ability which in that case it might make them more promising in the process though, at one point Recall had a talent that caused it to restore blink when casting Recall, it would be worth the shot to try that too.

Parting Gift received a recent buff that focuses around damage and charge rate, but using Recall as a damage dealer is normally a nope, it can help with being a finisher but it still suffer a surprisingly similar problem that is still thing regardless of her rework changes, also One Two Punch does it similar with more reliable damage and charge amount.

Locked and Loaded always, Sleight of Hand also works but its really small to compete with Locked and Loaded, Focus Fire has never been changed and still awful for 5 years.

That talent is on a competition with being one of the worst talents in the game lol.

Mochrie, we both tend to agree a lot, I know Dynouh and watched their stream and he seems to favor Heavy Handed like I do which is nice, unfortunately never heard of the others.

I’ve combo-ed Ancient Blessing before many times with Ricochet, I have never seen a double proc happening at one cast, I’ve seen a lot of silly bugs that get slipped by in tough combat, for example did you know that if you AA with Lunara when Tracer is about to Recall will sometimes causes the damage to leak and apply 3 seconds poison despite cleansing that poison damage? Really weird.

I personally find it ok, the idea is to make it as an ability that becomes more threatening as time goes on, I just find its damage kinda lackluster post the rework, which they increased by 10 recently in compensation of less Melee charge amount.

Yes, she’s however is more accessible to the public than she used to be before the rework.

I tend to use both but mainly hold mouse

Yes for “counters”, but is countered by is questionable.

Azmodan does nothing, forces her recall with E? Perhaps but she can also blink out putting his E on full CD in the process which is an issue to him too.

Genji is very skill match up, biggest obvious thing is that he hard counters her with Deflect but she can go around it using a quick Reload and holding fire (H key) which makes his deflect pretty useless.

Diablo can be annoying.

Junkrat if he goes the build that makes his traps get lured to targets, makes repositioning certainly annoying to some extent but not a coutner.

Get Stuffed + Heavy Handed does not increase the damage of Pulse Bomb instant detonation when applying the armor reduction.

Not doing galaxy brain int by going 1 v 1 deep just because I have PB, too greedy haha…

I used to main Probius, had him on like level 30+ before I stopped playing him.


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