I never do this but

Okay im not one to really flame and everything but I decided to solo que while i fish on SAO on ps4, and i get into this game where Tracer says she has 18 wins out of 23 games and if someone can go abathur so this guy picks abathur, Never has played him before level 1 didn’t know what hat was but said hes seen him and can learn him real quick like okay… this is ranked but its fine i guess people are bad whatever

Fast forward we get in game he asks if he should stay in base or lane and im like ??? why would you stay in base from level 1, but everyone tells him to stay in base…Meanwhile he hats Tracer and stays on her for a solid 7 miniutes until i tell him bro you’re litteraly losing us exp soak and everything. and thats when i guess I was being toxic by saying that and deckard cain says im a noob and a loser and i should kill myself and that a level 1 abathur is doing more then me, and im like so confused he just keeps cursing at me and then Abathur finally unhats and runs in the middle of lane and dies and I think to myself he has to be trolling right this deckard tracer and abathur have to be troll accounts make specifically for this…

So entire game goes on and abathur and deckard continue to call me bad saying i need to uninstall and that how im terrible and KT is like SSS tier top 3 characters in game ( Which i dont even agree with) They say im doing bad but for entire game almost im top Siege / Exp and DMG,

Am i just getting trolled here or is this a geniune noob experience im like so confused i’ve never dealt with something of this calibur in any moba and i’ve been playing this game on my main account since Alpha…

It’s a typical experience, unfortunately. A lot of horrible people play this game, and a large percentage of them seem to play it in lieu of full-time employment. I’ve seen many troll accounts with match logs that are completely filled with consecutive games, or a string of games over an 8-10 hour period. Most of the time they throw, but every now and then they go super-try-hard mode. I don’t know if they’re toxic in chat – I have it turned off.

I mostly play cooperative vs AI now with friends. The game is actually fun now, and the enemy AI team is surprisingly competent (though it can be frustratingly cheaty, too).

Both. Like people are so misranked in this game its laughable at best, mix that with the people who troll and want to throw games on purpose with the lack of actual punishment towards them and smurfing being so easy to do that well You get this experience.

Said in many posts, this game is premade or get what you just ranted about.

you described your experience so succinctly I could picture it all in my head. breaks my heart seeing so many amazing and fantastic players and human beings(like you) being constantly matched with ‘toxic’ players, ‘afk-ers’, ‘trolls’, ‘ogres’, and ‘shreks’.
it is simply not fair that a person who plays so well and has such in-depth, nah, metaphysical understanding of this game, keeps getting held down by less savory elements of the nexus.
your needs are higher and can not be satiated by your peers. i propose that in addition to usual, bronze to gm ranks we have, we also implement a special needs/gifted children league where all the infallibles like you can play in a safe environment. if you win, you get a gold star sticker. if you loose, you get a small potato sticker.

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