I maintain a win rate above 50% but sill in bronze

please fix the bronze problem

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Better off moving on to another game, blizzard is done with this game.

When the season ends soon, you will see some character buffs and nerfs, a map swap and nothing else. Been like that for years.


I hear you, i’m stuck in bronze and have a 58% winrate, im slowly climbing but its been like half a year :L

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Wait 'till you get caught in the potatotrain…


Just spend some time learning, league of legends man. The game is more fun, more balanced and the company actually cares about their franchise. This entire company is going under. All they got left now is to try to revamp the COD franchise and pray it goes well.

League of legends is not fun at all. you spend over half the game afk farming minions. I will admit there matching and ranking system is much better than this game. But the game play itself sucks


LOL is a super toxic environment because XP/gold is based on kill shots. It rewards kill steals. Horrible game.

As far as leveling up, if you are winning at that rate, it is just a grind to get out. There is no quick/ez way. I suggest just find the role that you win the most at (for me it is bruiser) and stick with it. When I tank/heal (because nobody picks those), then we just don’t win as much because people don’t know how to offlane (soak, camp, come to obj). So mute the chat and don’t fill and just grind it out.


“LoL is a super toxic environment”, bro do you even play hots? hahaha. And yes the game is fun once you understand it. People that say you spend over thalf the game afk farming minions doesn’t understand or get the nuances of the game yet. I use to say the same things until I actually started learning the game. I mean, i don’t care honestly, stay here playing this dead, unbalanced wreck of a game, but if you want a competitive moba just go play League. It’s not bad. People who have never really played the game except for maybe a couple of times always say the same things about it. “it’s boring. Last hitting sucks. I don’t like laning for so long.” There are plenty of chances for team fights and roams and fun plays before the laning phase is over and you can always play a role that gets to roam more like jungle or support. League is not nearly as toxic as hots.

I stopped playing LoL back in 2012 and don’t plan on picking it up again. I have also uninstalled this game and am moving on. Blizzard cant figure out how to not SA women i dont think they can figure out how to fix this game.

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I climbed from bronze 4 to gold 5 so far this season. over 1k games played. It’s definitely able to be done.

[League of Legends is] more balanced and the company actually cares about their franchise

LOL What!? League is provably one of the worst competitive games ever made. Yasuo’s p/b rate is 160% and you think the game is anywhere remotely close to balanced? What’s wrong with you?

Their lead champion designer literally thinks 99 is a smaller number than 1, and literally thinks “it’s possible to be good at Rock Paper Scissors at a high level”. Yes, those are his exact words.

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rarely read that amount of bs in one post :smiley: lol is one of the most successful competitive games and where did you get that yas p/b rate? iron where youre at? cant take the 1 post account srsly

Id welcome leagues system over this. Least they ban their trolls and game throwers while this game matches you with them 5 games in a row.

League is far worse. All the best players are in bronze/silver smurfing, because there are so many people selling diamond+ accounts that all the good players struggle to get good matches. League’s ranking system is inverted because of how poorly Riot has maintained their game.

Its still better in comparison to this game. There is no community. Wait times are terrible. All the good players left and you get a afk, troll or bot every single game. That is not enjoyable.

Lucky you! That means that you get more potatoes in enemy team than in yours more than 50%!

You need to win more games than you lose to move up. I moved from bronze 5 to silver 5 and I’m not at 50% yet, but i was placed around silver 4 this season.

A couple times ? People like me played LoL before HoTS for years, i tried it again actually a few months back and no never again, i ain’t playing the kill the minions game for half the game, only able to play 1 map because Riot is a greedy company that decided that even though only 0.1% of 27 million players plays 3v3 to remove it, which is still more than this game had most of the time. Same crap with dominion, which then after removal got reworked into some wacky poop, then removed it also etc. I ain’t playing a game where heroes that can actually be played in different roles CANNOT be played in any other way because players are reluctant pro scene worshiping fanatics that won’t let you try anything other than what pros play even if you actually dominate with it.

But hey you do you, enjoy wasting your time and nerves instead of actually having fun.

I’m sorry but how does one learn when they are constantly being rolled by smurfs? This game has become complete trash. Every match is so One Sided it’s disgusting. You are either on the smurfs team or not. Most of the time you are not because they are grouped with 2 or 3 others.
The game is a joke. There is no solo que. There is no control of smurfs because once you tank an account to bronze it may stay there for a week or more. All you have to do is just lose a few to keep it there.
There are so many Bronze to GM smurfs now it just ruins the games of legit players for their own benefit. Like I said it’s disgusting.

So is fortnite but would you play that