I Like Tassadar

For such a long time players would constantly hate on Tassadar in the forums for being a poor healer. And you know what? He was a poor healer because he was never really a healer. He was and is a good character though. Just remember that when the game was released he was Starcraft universe only healer. Even though he was never really a healer. I mean one of the most powerful characters in the game since the beginning like KT would have been hated on if he had been classified as a healer. I’m glad that much of the undeserved hate toward Tassadar went away when they reworked the class system a while back eliminating specialists and reclassifying some characters like Tassadar. Now I know that change was made a while ago so why bring it up now? What character that you like do you feel gets an unfortunate amount of hate here in the forums? Could some of that go away if they where reclassified?



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The bois™, few people here appreciate the power of The lost Vikings, they are good but no one here wants them on their team.

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I was a Tassadar main when he was a full fledged support. Not his very first iteration, but the one after that - when shields had 5 sec duration and CD and no leech. Back then, my friends and me would 5 man go team league and I would solo support with Tassadar to victory.
Man, even today I can almost recount the talents I took:
1: Conjurer’s Pursuit
4: Shields last forever
7: Oracle CD halved (no, not the leech. Vision wins game)
10: Trump
13: Dimensional shift
16: Dimensional shift
20: Shields for entire team

I forgot which shift talent came at which level, but I’m essence, it healed you for a significant amount and would auto trigger on a separate cooldown when you got low.
The good old times.

Summoning our Ukrainian doc.

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This was my favorite version of Tassadar also! I always loved it when people would tell me in HL that you couldn’t solo support a team with Tass. I’d point out we were an all AA team, it was a blast when players trusted you and you and you would support them for the win.

That heal on his E was good in so many ways, you could be somewhat more aggressive with him than you could be now. He was a truly unique support, that with a coordinated team you could use as solo support without the need of a healer.

I was just working on this spell too! :grin:

Nova. people in the forums are clueless unfortunately calling her a “trash tier hero” just because they don’t know how to play her or how to get any value with her.

when it comes to the forums you’ll see a high amount of clueless player’s that would say “that hero is broken” or “that hero is useless” depends on if they lost to that hero or won against or lost with it. that’s how they rate the heroes here. in other words nonsense. all the heroes are good as long as you play them well and understand what you’re doing but if you don’t then too bad for you.

There is still hate. A lot of it. I breath with that hate about Tassadar by other people.

Someone must be very bold or stupid to hate Tassadar in forums under my watch and after my endless posts, what showed how Tassadar is good.

About other heroes - any niche one. Nova, TLV, Murky, Gaz, etc.

No, Tassadar was hated and will be hated. Even if he will become another mage (what I don’t want), he can become something annoying, like KT, and people will still hate him.

I’m afraid this will happen. Sylvanas was reworked long ago and still carries the “afk solo lane push” stigma.

To be fair people still play her like that

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I get both sides of TLV. I can see their true potential but I’ve never actually seen it in game. I myself have started enjoying them but I’m easily one of the worst TLV players out there since I can only play them all grouped up.

For me it’s Qhira and Nova. People just hate Qhira but she’s a really fun and fairly balanced hero. Nova on the other hand gets hate purely because most people play her very poorly.

I must admit The Lost Vikings are among my least favorite characters. However I would never flame someone else for playing them. I’ve seen some TLV that could truly carry.

I miss old Tassadar, and always will, but I must say I am warming up to his new version.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s because ppl don’t want TLV on their team. It’s that TLV tends to be bad in a disorganized teams. TLV requires your allies to understand how to play around them and a lot of players don’t understand how to do just that.

I like TLV a lot and a good one is always interesting to see and play against, but that’s just because they’re rare.

However, I don’t think they’re in a very healthy spot. They’re amazing on certain maps but the strategies the enable feel really cheap most of the time.
When someone picks TLV it basically decides the outcome of the game by outpacing the enemy team hard or being countered by the enemy making good use of rotations and map awareness.

Personally I’m a Hammer fan.
A lot of people hate her but being a tank satisfies my carnal desires.

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I like Hammer too but she is so much better on some maps than others and works much better if her team supports her and doesn’t just leave her to be all alone.