I know people said I was wrong about nova but

I still think nova is pretty strong against vikings if she takes lethal decoy, ive only seen 2 novas take it against me but its actually terrifying, if any viking gets in range of her W they die immediately, so I’m spending all my apm cycling through cameras to try to ensure it can’t happen (and I dont have a crazy high apm), and even when I do that I can’t cycle through all 3 cameras fast enough so I can’t triple splitpush. Now I don’t think she’s good on large maps but small maps she is a menace, luckily this time I got her on nuclear junction but I still managed to die 3 times to her wheras most games I’d only die .5 times, however I could just only be remembering the good games but I don’t know, I still think nova is strong versus vikings, just the overall burst damage and range of it can force you away from your team at 16 (which is vikings peak), plus she can zone you out of lanes pretty decently.

Plot twist: This is Zare’s attempt to make some people pick Nova when he’s playing TLV for the easy win.


Nova is a very niche pick against bad or troll players, who picks a full team of fragile heroes and that’s why she works in QM like Valeera, because she is good at ganking squishys. In any other comps she is too hard to get value compared to others, so the effort isn’t really worth it.

Why would you pick Nova&Valeera over mobile squishy killer like Zeratul, Tracer or Samuro?

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if we are talking specifically against vikings, zeratul although pesky and annoying has a lower engagement range and does fight in melee range (where vikings tends to be strongest), tracer can be a problem although I’d say orphia is a better example of a viking hard counter when it comes to mobility heroes, I’d argue an orphia is far more scary then a nova but I still do think nova is up there in the counter scale. And samuro has a tendency to no longer be present in teamfights when fully engaging vikings.

Dont get me wrong though I still think nova is hot garbage against like most other heroes, I just think she has a nieche build against vikings that can actually cause some issues.

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Easy kill isn’t equal to counter. I mean nova lacks of waveclear, and a team with bad wave clear is generally getting countered and getting macro outplayed by heroes like tlv on big maps.

hm guess I was wrong, I must be doing something wrong when facing her, maybe I’m being too aggressive or maybe I’m being too defensive or greedy, not sure I’ll have to do some experimenting cuz clearly Im doing something wrong then.