"i have no problem with longer queue times"


I have no problem with longer queue times. I have a problem with playing a 20 minute game that has completely unbalanced teams and is a waste of my time.

The new QM mm is a step in the right direction that is needed to attract more players, and thus improve and grow the game for the future.


Try it on a new account. New players are getting endless queues and then being thrown to the wolves in random teams vs premades. This…is not going to end well.


Quickmatch has not been quick for me. I am getting very long queue times (400+ seconds).

Even while I queue for a hero with the “call of the nexus” buff, I’m waiting an extremely long time many times. This seems counter intuitive to me. When I queue for a dungeon as tank or healer in Wow when they have bonuses, queue times are much shorter relative to the other roles (usually dmg) at the same time. It’s a different game but seems like the idea should be the same. There is a lack of something (usually healer or tank) and those roles should be quick to plug into a group and get going. Blizzard can you please explain why my queue times are so long as a person queuing under “call of the nexus”?

It makes me want to play team league (bravo for reducing queue times in that mode btw!) or another game. At least in team league I’m engaged in the game right away after a short queue time of -30 seconds.


You are wrong

The new rules make it impossible for new players to get a decent game. Go ahead. Make a new account and try it. See what happens.

Anyone joining right now likely wont be staying.


I see, I was not aware of that. Either way it is a difficult choice then.


Why ? 20 characters.


Because new players have a separate queue so they dont end up getting stomped. It was already pretty long before these changes, after then they will almost always if not always hit 300s, after which the game becomes an absolute joke. The comp rules aren’t in effect, it stops caring about mmr at all and pairs you with and against anyone at any skill level with any character.


Thanks for the information :crying_cat_face:


I play quick match to learn. I play quick match to master new skills

Blizzard keep up the good work and than you for trying something new to help pervent snowballs.


You know whats even worse? Waiting ALL that time and STILL getting a bad match (that I didn’t ask for I must add).I DONT NEED A TANK AND A HEALER.
Still you make us wait cause morons like RCW need a tank and a healer… then after that… you don’t even give us a tank and a healer you just give us a garbage match that we should have gotten without the wait.

Why not just leave the comp obsessed people to get their own game mode?

I don’t care about comps… just want to play the game. Whats wrong with that?


There are several systems at play here. New players also have access to very few heroes, and mostly Free Week. Combine that with role requirements and mirror match protection and you have a recipe for failure.


Higher queue times are worth it for more fair games, the problem is they raised the queue times and games are just as bad quality.


Those who say that also seem to neglect how broken the system is where a team can literally end up with no support while other does, same thing with tanks AFTER a long que.

Complete waste of time.


They are worse than before, and forcing both teams to have a tank and healer doesn’t make the game any more “fair” just makes them more normal, so the change is pointless.

I could show you screenshots of a large number of games that end with a 3-4 level difference, within 10-13 minutes after the match starts, that have a tank and a healer in them. If I could post links. Meh.


BABY RAGE !!! WAAAAA I want balanced matches that aren’t constant pubstomps…

WHAT !!! I have to wait longer for THAT !!! NEVER …

ok well good luck…


I think Mobas are just not for you.


christ, stop fixating on a word.

Would it better if we renamed it “no-draft mode” just for you? :roll_eyes:

And QM still does skip the drafting phase. Problem solved.


You save yourself at least 4-6 mins of wait time by avoiding the draft phase.

That in itself makes it a Quick mode.

You do realise why the wait times are so long, don’t you?

There was a major exodus during the whole “let’s sacrifice all balance and common sense for instant queues.”

When the rules were re-instated, there is only a fraction of the former players in QM. Of course it will take some time.

YOU caused the current mess with your incessant defense of the instant queues. You went out, chose the flowers, picked out a casket and lay down nicely inside (thinking it was exactly what you wanted.) Then, you come out with your crocodile tears and blame everyone else when you realise you are 6 feet under.


Yea well what about the other 15 minutes that I’m’ waiting???

That’s definitely not the reason for the exodus. You can pretend it is but it most definitely is not. Skill based matchmaking is the primary reason… and mass account bans is the other… those both fed on each other decimating the skilled part of the playerbase primarily which in turn made the matchmaker worse.


queue time is not a problem if we get healthy games in return.

the problem is that they increased queue time and what do we get??? tank and supp comp vs no tank no supp. Level 10 matched with lvl 1500… They decreased quality of mm and increased waiting times, everything is bad.