I have a 70 percent winrate you noob

About 30 games played total

losing in exp
2/6 less them than both healer and tanks as a assassin

berating the team entire match and never in teamfights

??? this occurs way to often im nearly 500 i think or more not sure why am i playing with smurfs anyway


Had a somewhat similar experience recently. About a week ago, I played with an Azmodan who was either boosted as hell or was 100% trolling and throwing.

By the time the game ended 28 minutes in, he had 103 stacks. When we brought this up, he basically said “shut up, I have a 60% winrate and I’m diamond, what are you?”

Turns out, he wasn’t lying, his account was definitely Diamond and he had a 62% winrate on Azmo with over a thousand games played. Pretty impressive, if not for the fact that he was absolutely useless in that match.

Seriously, I had more siege damage than he did, and I was playing Imperius. Do you have any idea how bad you have to be to have worse siege damage than Imperius as just about any non-Healer?
And that’s not even considering the fact that he had more deaths than he did kills and assists. Azmodan is easily one of the safest heroes in the game, and he has a ton of ranged poke to earn him kill participation. How do you die more often than you participate in kills as Azmodan? Do you afk shove a lane? In that case, how would you have less siege damage than a god dang Imperius?!


Imperius higher siege than Azmodan in higher leagues? :rofl: Looks like the azmoplayer went Q-Build (purple circle) and brawled for days.


He properly joined a 5 man team and got boosted to diamond. If you check those people’s profile they are many times a low rank player that suddenly rose to high rank out of nowere like back in 2017.

And it becomes even more clear he is boosted when he engage you with a toxic sentence like shut up. Then you know its true.


Winrate only matters after hundreds or thousands of games anyway.

10-50 games is a useless sample.

Tell that player to come back with 70% after he played 800 ranked matches.

He will probably be 48% by then if they got boosted previously.


I love these kinds of people. It’s like they don’t understand basic statistics. Or maybe they do, and they just continuously make alt accounts of 50ish games that achieve an “impressive” win rate, and then just barely play the accounts anymore, for fear that they would ruin this amazing win rate they have achieved. It’s pretty sad, actually.

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probably boosted, normally higher ranked players won’t even bring up heroes level or rank, if they make mistake they will admit,

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Yea ive seen alot of diamond azmodans with a 60% winrate who just splitpush… so dumb

I like this type of players who are watching their statistics all the time and don’t think about goals on the map or even team. Yeah, of course, they are diamonds and brilliant.

And half of that games played was on Ai lol

i thought people automatically set the filter to sl+qm or sl+ud…

because nobody should care in the slightest about anyones ai winrate
not very hard to go 100% vs beginner bots…

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It also does not mean much since you can cheese your winrate in vs AI.

you can filter away that useless stat as i imagined most people would

just tick the checkbox for sl to see their real wr, it will apply to everyone you check afterwards
i turned off the ai tick years ago

when people speak of win rate i automatically assume people filter their profile with the storm league option only, or storm league + qm


Ha, I was unaware there is a filter for winrates.

I wish, but nope, that winrate was filtering for SL only.

Its easy to just farm your winrate in AI. Also smurfs who brag about having 90% winrate after 100 games played in qm is nothing really when must of them premade or play in party for more exp with people much better then themself.

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I have to know more about this game. Do you remember the map and team comps? I’m pretty good on Azmo myself with an above 50% win rate and I’ve had some ugly games before against comps that just threw me for a loop.

People only have a >50% win rate because their MMR has not caught up yet. Stomping noobs is worthless as any skilled person can do that. Once MMR is caught up and you are facing people with the same skill level as yourself, then good luck getting anything but a 50% win rate.

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That was already covered above though, you filter by SL to see their real win rate.

Nobody looks at full winrate including AI when assessing player skill. You filter by the human modes.

The statistics tab allows you lots of filtering including game mode, seasons etc.

Except masters/gm’s of course, but that goes without saying, since there are not many players left better than them, hence they can maintain 55-60% forever.


Yes, I agree as I have mentioned in older topics like this, but I highly doubt this applies to most people…