I have a 28% win rate in HotS, AMA

j/k, it’s higher

not by much, tho

How do you endure, how do you stay zen?

Looks like you’re very experimental and plays all kind of heroes, even the ones you’re not good with. Being allrounder is always the hardest job to be.

So…29% :scream:


why not just play AI game mode?

Whos your favorite hero?

Normal stuff i play everything and suck at many and i still play them and hold an overall winrate below 50% but i could ofcourse just play my good characters and S tier ones since they often have closer to 65% winrate but i just get bored playing the same stuff.

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Why do you keep playing?

Hydration, and libation… in that order.

28% is vs AI.


Also… Gazlowe, probably. I miss Old Tassadar, though.

Why not?

It’s possible to be bad at a thing, and still enjoy it.

[insert adult joke here]


He’s getting slammed by the match maker. Enemy team gets pro AI. He gets monkey AI.



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AI is only good for learning your character and practice. It’s no “victory” to wipe the floor with AI in matches. Saying you have a high win-rate in AI, is kinda like an Adult entering in a children’s karate tournment and beating up all the kids haha.

Yeah, you’re the “champion” but… :rofl: :rofl:

The only accomplishment in this game is going head-to-head with OTHER PLAYERS and, coming out on top!

… how do you have a below 50% winrate VS AI? are you in a stack that tries to lose?

him having a 28% winrate is not him overcoming the enemy and winning, most if not all his wins would mean he got carried with that kind of win% so no he is not winning and being the champion, if anything he is being a bag of sand weighing the team down. that is what a winrate around that % says

Did he mention he got a ban because all his AI team mates started reporting him?

True story, when Artanis first released, i lost an AI game. Sad times.


What would be the first thing your 28% WR Pants do when it reaches outer space?

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What do you think about the “forced 50% winrate”? :thinking:


Seems to be working as intended: About half the time they win, and the other half I lose.