I dont care anymore, this man is a troll


There is a user named trollinator. If you see him, ban this man. Plat and he throws 2 games with me during HL. Dont care if I get others involved, if you see him or even this name, report. Calling him out right now, this is a high level troll. Please report him for throwing games. Let’s just set this bloody thing on fire then.


Idk sounds like hes living up to his name.

Also seems to outperform you.

To post someone here by name is pretty petty and bad by itself but doing it without any evidence that youre even right is especially ridiculous.

Also there are multiple accounts with that name that could get banned if the community was stupid enough to listen to your call to arms.


Everyname that include the name “troll” or “feed” or “Afk” thing like that should immedialty perma ban.


Sad to say, most people whose names are put in like that usually are either good but toxic, good but bad on purpose or just plain bad.