I despise AZJackson

Decisions, decisions…

I know everything about him from A to Z

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gotta do a romcom musical montage where you just clip yourself playing both games from one scene to the next while still singing and dancing.

Pretty sure you are allowed to play both, just would advise against doing it at the same time.

Play both?

Why not?.


I read the thread title and rolled my eyes.

Once I opened the thread I laughed and then rolled them a second time.

Well played my friend.


Yeah same I’m torn between buying Lizard Mercy skin or playing in Diamond league tomorrow and die inside.

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You will bow down to goddess and insta buy the skin

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There goes my plan for some Diamond gmaes tomorrow :frowning_face:

I know, it’s just more of a “investment of time” issue. I could play Overwatch, have fun and get loot boxes that have seasonal as well as limited-time content and be thinking about how much more fun I could be having if I was playing HotS.

On the other hand, I could play HotS, have more fun, get loot boxes that don’t seem to be quite as appealing and be thinking about how I’m missing out on getting more appealing loot boxes in Overwatch.

Likewise, keep up the good work! If you ever feel like sliding a few more Sandbox maps my way, though…

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hey, just curious if you saw my thread several days ago? Question for AZ Jackson (related to win rates and balancing)

Just a fun post and you get a tons of balance questions and gameplay suggestions. You really should concider going Jasmine from aladin and cover up your identity to walk amongst us commoners. I know you like to give tips as much as we do!


Ya had me in the first half, not gonna lie…

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Or play WoW?

(only joking, WoW is in it’s dead end of expac period).

Macarena Reaper
Macarena Reaper
Macarena Reaper

I’m hyperventilating

He may already do so…spooky. :ghost:

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Lets admit it. Hellobg is secretly a dev

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Man I legit don’t think I’d even be able to read these forums/reddit if I were you. Can’t imagine how crestfallen you were to see this title, but at least it was positive this time.

The impudence! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!