I can't see Leaderboards, info, and Blizzard checkout, is that the same problem?


I can’t see Leaderboards, Info (ranked), and Blizzard checkout, is that the same problem?

I doesn’t work both on my PC and laptop, windows 7 and windows 10. I changed default browsers, I did internet explorer reset, nothing works.



The Gem Checkout issue is a known bug and is currently being looked into. They are hoping to release a fix with the next balance update.

In regards to the Leaderboard, what is happening when you try to access it? Does it just never load?


Calystol is accurate, the Gem checkout issue is a known issue.

For the Info (Ranked) and Leaderboard situation, this could be a connection based issue with loading assets since it’s happening with both systems. We’ve seen using a third party DNS service like Google DNS help in the past or if possible testing on a different connection like a mobile hotspot/tethering.

I’m curious to what it looks like if you could send screenshots of the situation from an image sharing website like imgur. The link should be able to be posted by placing the link between two ` like so:



Hi, just want to say that leaderboards and info now work fine, but blizzard checkout is still a problem, even after this new patch. Yes, it now loads “blizzard checkout” header every time, but the rest of the window is still completely blue. Before this patch (in time when I opened this topic), header “blizzard checkout” was loaded in every 5-6th attempt - in the most of cases it was only complete blue window (it showed loading, but the end result was only a complete blue screen).

Ok, I will try new connection, but you need to know that this problem started when you changed to this new version of pop-up window. In old version, everything worked completely fine, every time.


Glad to hear the leaderboard issue has cleared up!

The gem issue is a different issue. It is a known issue at the moment for the gem purchase issues. Our team is fully aware of the issue, but no ETA on when this will be resolved. In case it may be something we can troubleshoot or workaround, are you on Windows 7? Is Razer Synapse be on the system?