I can' play the game


As of yesterday HotS just magically started crashing.It doesn’t freeze or show any error,just every time after the authenticating screen it just crashes,no message no nothing.If I cancel the authentication and log in manually it still doesn’t work,but when I log in with a level 2 account i made to test this it works.BTW i tried reinstalling Heroes,Battle net app and some of your technical tips and it still doesn’t work. I really need help with this cause the new patch just dropped and I wanna play


Hello Yourself!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the game crashing out of the blue… I didn’t find any error reports received from your account, so I don’t have any details yet as to what could be the cause.

Let me recommend first to ensure your operating system and video drivers are updated:

Updating Your Drivers and Operating System

If issues persist, then we’ll want to see a system report to look for other possible causes.

Obtaining System Files

You can include the DXDIAG in a reply to the forum post. Place it between rows of ticks (`) for formatting:

Like this.